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Feb. 1

Mike Chaudoir, Morton Buildings, 310 Southgate St., $232,619, new single-family residence.

Michael Cotroneo, 503 Beard St., $20,000, interior/exterior remodel.

Keith Lynchard, Keith Lynchard Roofing and Home Improvement, 276 Woodlawn Ave., $7,200, tear off and reroof.

Feb. 4

The Floor Store, 111 Tom Ellsworth Drive, $20,000, drywall construction, wall and shower.

Robert Meyer, 117-B Spartan Place, $16,000, finish out unit.

Jose Gomez, 128 Gardner St., $1,500, check for platforms outside doors.

Final Touch Roofing Inc., 108 Meadowbrook Way, $5,465, tearing off an existing roof and replacing.

Robert Angell, Robert Angell Remodeling, 316 Shawnee St., $3,600, tear off and reroof.

Feb. 5

Cannastir, 250 Park Ave., $1,500, certificate of occupancy for a new candy shop.

Mike Harrison, Harrison Construction, 401 Section Line Road, $114,276, interior renovation.

Damon Jones, 212 Hillcrest St., $5,000, new pillars on front porch and replace rotten wood, insulate house, replace two windows.

Ernest Elwood Lovell Trustee, 105 Ranch St., $1,500, interior/exterior repairs.

Feb. 6

Vince Perrin, Perrin's Roofing, 650 Prospect Ave., $15,473, tear off and reroof.

Bobby Jimes, 1309 Richard St., $5,000, tearing off an existing roof and replacing.

Caruthers Cooper Inc., 4332 Central Ave., $100,000, replace exterior fascia, cosmetic, inside only.

Bobby Stokes, 108 Amber St., $8,250, removing existing structure and building a 24-by-24 foot on the same slab with a 10-by-24 foot lean-to with chain link fence.

Feb. 7

Communication Center Upgrade, 6111 Malvern Ave., $75,000, communications upgrade center phase 1. New wall, doorways, carpet.

Martinez, 623 Second St., $3,900, tear off and reroof and replace windows.

GoGo Real Estate, 1036 Summer St., $6,000, bringing house to code, fixing the roof, will have some electrical work done soon.

Local on 02/11/2019

Print Headline: Building permits

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