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On this new day of a New Year, here is a double "Thumbs-up" to our faithful readers who were good to share their various ups and downs with us during 2018 and we look forward to hearing from them throughout 2019.

Our hope is that they enjoy many new adventures and opportunities in the months ahead.

In retrospect, however, here is a holdover "Thumbs-up" item submitted by Hot Springs resident Gary S. Jackson just before Christmas.

In his email, Jackson wrote, "I would like to share an uplifting act of honesty I witnessed during this Yuletide season. On leaving Schlotzky's Restaurant on a Tuesday, Clyde Covington saw some money lying on the floor near the front door and observed it to be between $25 and $30.

"Without hesitation, he turned it in at the counter. The employee there said she thought the money belonged to an elderly person known to her -- one who had been sitting in the area -- and she said she would return it to him. It's nice to know there are still honest people out there, especially during the Christmas holidays."

Still on the upside, we send out our congratulations and a big "Thumbs-up" to the 11 persons who recently graduated from Cooperative Christian Ministries and Clinic's Getting Ahead program that helps individuals learn how to move beyond a "just getting by" mindset and break out of the cycle of poverty.

The 10 women and one man who completed CCMC's fourth-month program and were honored in Dec. 12 ceremonies at First United Methodist Church are: Karen Gaston, Jessica Staton, Ami Sims, Tiffany Ware, Iretha Anderson, Robert Braun, Deborah Sergeant, Tenisha Pace, Lexus Brown, Laken Ransom and Terri Gilbert.

Here is a "Thumbs-up" to the cheerful and courteous gentleman who on Sunday, Dec. 30, held the door at the main Post Office on Section Line Road for this writer when she stopped by to deposit two pieces of mail.

When he noticed another lady approaching the entryway, he said, "I am going to get this for her, too."

Politeness is always appreciated but especially so when common courtesies appear to be at a premium.

On the other hand, here is a definite "Thumbs-down" to the person or persons who last weekend dumped a chair and a mirror in the residential trash bin of the Willowbrook Terrace condominium complex.

Not only do these items not fit the definition of "household trash" but they take up an inordinate amount of space in the singular container on premises for the convenience of residents.

Plus, the mirror was broken into several pieces -- posing a nuisance and a danger to sanitation workers.

And, finally, here is a "Thumbs-up" to the hope more Southeastern Conference women's basketball games will be made available to local and area fans via cable service providers. Predictions are that competition among the SEC member teams will be keen in 2019 and being able to see more games on the SEC Channel and its alternate would be nice.

Interest in the SEC men's teams is also high so perhaps the SEC networks could double our viewing pleasure.

The Thumbs Column appears in The Sentinel-Record the first and third Wednesday of each month. The newspaper welcomes readers' comments and suggestions, which should be submitted with a name, telephone number and home address for verification and contact purposes. This information is kept confidential.

Editorial on 01/02/2019

Print Headline: Thumbs column

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