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Shut it all down

Dear editor:

I say "amen" to the current government shutdown. As corrupt and inefficient as our government currently is, a shutdown is in order. But let's do it right. If we can turn off the water in downtown Hot Springs, let's cut off all "nonessential" services. Let's stop paying the checks to the Congress, the president, and his staff. As horrible a job as they've done over the past years, I consider them "nonessential."

And if we do that, for an extended period of time, that should lower the national deficit, correct? After all, if they are operating in the red on a daily basis, when they are truly shut down, that should begin to lower the federal deficit, correct?

So let's shut it all down. One thing I don't understand, though. I got my paycheck last week, and it still had federal withholding taxes. If they're shut down, shouldn't those be reduced or nonexistent?

Chris Covington

Hot Springs

It is a 'moral issue'

Dear editor:

A rebuttal to "A moral issue," Dec. 30, 2018: The panhandlers on our streets have as much right to handouts and health care, if they are there because they are allergic to work, as anyone else who needs handouts and health care because they are allergic to work. Right?

If those with less than a love for work see that they can get what others work to have, why work?

Wonderful lesson to teach the upcoming generation! Yes, it is a "moral issue."

Help those who cannot help themselves. Introduce the rest to the employment office.

The guilt for the deaths of the two illegal children lies 100 percent on whoever brought them a thousand miles to their deaths. No one else. If someone tries to break into your home, the child with them dies, will you take the blame? I don't think so.

God help us if the liberals get their way. What would you give to see Nancy and Chuck, on the border, welcoming the immigrants with a handshake?

Thank you.

God Bless America, President Trump and all responsible, hard-working Americans!

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Editorial on 01/03/2019

Print Headline: Thursday's Letters to the Editor

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