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A change of subject

Dear editor:

I agree with L.J. Gibson that we sometimes overdo the conversations on certain subjects. So I offer a change of subject.

After a couple of bad falls, I was spirited away from my sweet little Garland County home and am living between two Texas medical cities -- Austin and Houston. There must be more clinics per mile here than anywhere on earth! My patient daughter has run me up and down the roads to different doctors and for CT scans trying to discover why I've had so much pain for so many years. They have discovered severe deformity due to "numerous non-united rib fractures" in my chest; both shoulders are dislocated and the rotator cuffs are gone in both arms, and a whole lot more medical terms regarding what is going on in my chest -- and it's neither cancer nor osteoporosis.

But none of these fancy doctors have any idea how or why this could happen. One would think I had a lifetime of car wrecks. But I have not. And I although I played piano, and later organ, since I was 5, I didn't fight with the instruments! The shoulder specialist at this particular clinic said I was his most interesting patient. However, his interest doesn't make me feel better!

Has anyone reading this had such an experience? I actually thought the only bone I broke in all my long life was a tiny bone in my foot caused by using the shovel incorrectly while planting a persimmon tree in hard soil. The only place I've heard about broken bones in a body like this was in "CSI Miami" when there was a reptile dysfunction where one of those big boas set loose in the Everglades squeezed a girl to death! And that would never happen to me, because when God put enmity between the woman and the serpent in the Garden, He reserved a double dose for this woman, and you'll never find me near a snake -- boa or otherwise! So why do I have "numerous" old rib fractures? Would appreciate feedback!

Pat P. Darnell


Cedar Creek, Texas

'Hack' journalism

Dear editor:

The Associated Press article "Phone call led to Syria pullout." What a phony, swamp-induced, suck-up hack job of journalism that one is. Put the last line first or this should never have been published. Shame on the AP and any publication that would dare pass this as having a thread of investigative integrity.

Jimmy Young

Hot Springs

Editorial on 01/04/2019

Print Headline: Friday's Letters to the Editor

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