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Seeking a safe place

Dear editor:

In L.J. Gibson's letter about immigration titled "Spoiled children" in the Jan. 6 edition of The Sentinel-Record, she asked the question, "Why would you place your child at risk traveling through foreign countries, especially not knowing the conditions you would be facing on the journey?" The answer is simple. Because those parents love their children and they have to get them away from the conditions back home. Away from thugs who break into their homes to pistol whip their fathers, rape their mothers and their sisters. They are not attacking America or threatening our freedom. These families are running away from the horror of family and friends being gunned down or hacked up in front of their children. In some cases, these families are fleeing famine. Ms. Gibson, wouldn't you do whatever you could to get your children away from such terror -- even if it meant trekking off into the unknown? While that may be a risky venture, to not do so could be deadly. They are just trying to get their kids to a safe place.

Bud Kenny

Hot Springs

They're both done

Dear editor:

Boy, was I wrong. In my last letter, I said those old white-haired guys, Sanders and Biden, wouldn't see even one super delegate. Warren is going to see to it they don't even get a chance to suit up for the game.

I don't think it would be a secret to say Sanders would be the chief rival for the socialist, communist, crazed big spenders of our money, on the left. She announces she's running at about the same time a report comes out accusing Sanders' campaign of harassment against women. A woman said some guy who was probably seven degrees separated from Bernie ran his hand through her hair and told her she had pretty hair. The Democrats accuse everyone else of paying women less than men; the last time it boomeranged when we found out even in the Obama White House women earned less than men and now the old white-haired guy is accused, also.

Bernie, you should know how the game is played by now. It doesn't matter if it happened or if you knew about it you're guilty. As we found out in the Kavanaugh hearings, if you're accused, you're guilty. We don't care about no stinking facts. Poor old fool didn't know what hit him.

Speaking of old white-haired fools, the same will happen to Biden if he throws his hat in. In the past, Joe has been accused of being a little grabby with the ladies, a squeeze here and inappropriate touch there. It all seemed so harmless. No such luck, Joe, we are in #metoo time. I'll bet you right now the Warren campaign has binders full of women at the ready to accuse the ex-VP of unwanted groping. You may have thought it harmless, Joe, but we are in a new era. The same people, who a few years ago, before you could say Pocahontas, would have rushed to Bill Clinton's defense to save Hillary's viability for president, will now throw grandpa under the bus to claw their way to the top.

Bernie, Joe, it's over. Bernie might as well retire, go back to the big lake house and take a nap. Joe, maybe get one of those Amtrak tickets for unlimited travel. See the sights. Stick a fork in them both, they're done.

Larry Bauer

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 01/09/2019

Print Headline: Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

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