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PEARCY -- Confusion over the wording of a motion, and a subsequent vote on the motion, during a special meeting of the Lake Hamilton School Board on Thursday resulted in no action being taken to hire a new superintendent.

The board met in executive session Thursday to discuss three candidates for the position of school district superintendent. Interviews with the candidates were conducted by the board Monday through Wednesday of this week.

"Basically what has happened is there was a motion that was made last night that was somewhat ambiguous," Scott Hickam, the school district's attorney, told The Sentinel-Record Friday. Hickam was not present at the meeting.

Hickam said the wording of the motion was to consider hiring an individual for the position of superintendent, making it unclear if the board was actually voting to hire the individual.

"There was also some confusion that the person that made the motion voted against it, which she can certainly do that. People do that all the time," Hickam said.

"What you're voting on and how each person votes has to be clear and unequivocal."

Hickam said there was confusion as to what the actual results of the vote were. Hickam said he recommended the board meet for another vote.

Vance Dobyns, school board president, could not be reached for comment Friday.

"Whatever happened, it's something that wasn't clear and unequivocal, so I think it's best to go through it again," Hickam said.

Superintendent Steve Anderson told The Sentinel-Record late Thursday the school's legal counsel determined "there would probably have to be another school board meeting with a clarified motion before a vote can be taken."

Six administrators applied for the position of superintendent as of Dec. 14, 2018, the deadline set by the school board for applicants. They were Shawn Higginbotham, associate superintendent at Lake Hamilton; Danny Breshears, superintendent of Centerpoint School District; Susan Kissire, superintendent for Bismarck School District; Michael White, superintendent of Parkers Chapel School District; Karla Neathery, assistant superintendent of Benton School District; and Bobby Hart, superintendent of Hope School District.

Anderson, who has served as the district's superintendent for 13 years, announced his plans to retire in October after 38 years in public education in Arkansas. He will serve until June 1.

Local on 01/12/2019

Print Headline: Confusion arises over motion, vote for new LH superintendent

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