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'Game of Cards' Pt. 2

Dear editor:

Any resemblance to anyone is purely accidental. "The Game of Cards," Season 2 -- King Littlehands Arises.

Interior shot: Easteros -- Brute-Tin's sumptuous Crime-Lin Throne room. Brute-Tin, the horned king, is sitting on his golden throne when the ambassador of Ming-the Mercer-Less-or-More arrives.

Brute-Tin: I know why you are here, and I am already at work. I hate the Starks as much as you do. They have a fit when I throw somebody off a building or radiate a person. Got to keep my enemies at bay!

Ambassador: We do it the soft way by calling them Socialists, Communists or perhaps Baby Killers.

Brute-Tin: Yes, that decision Doe v. Dunkledge has been worth trillions to you in both propaganda and in gold coins.

But getting back to business! My trolls, moles, and zombie hackers are busy-busy! We think we can crack more of your machines this time. Keep your Raven-Foxes flying around, crying "Commies, Socialists, and Ben-Gazing." Don't let the Stark's Crier-Wolves cry, "Pot-holes."

SUMMARY: Ming-the-Mercer-Less-or-More wants his Clay People to follow the BrightBert Agenda -- hatred of the Persian Rug Kingdom and the brown ones from Southeros. Littlehands is his choice for king and has his anointed one trained in a speech about the Wall. Ming later chooses CirceeAnne to be an aide to Littlehands. She was thoroughly indoctrinated in the 1990s on ways to bash Danillery. Three years later, Ming picks Volton the Walrus to go after the Persian Rug people. Volton had tripped over a Persian Rug and never forgotten it.

Danillery, the Dragon Aunt, is breathing fire and thought to win the fight. Littlehands is keeping stormy weather, a playgirl, and assorted hanky-panky under covers. The Lannisters are never-Littlehands, but they can't stand losing the gold coins of USteros. "Precious gold," "Precious," they drool.

The Brothers send for Rudy the Hound. The Hound puts pressure on Jaime Coming-and-Going and Rudy's New York boys. Furthermore, the Hound announces that the Raven-Foxes will drop some important information that Coming-and-Going will "just" discover about an "organ donor" related to the Dragon Aunt's aide. Also, Wiki-Sieves under Brute-Tin's orders releases dirt on the Starks and their Copper Throne race.

Littlehands wins and immediately goes after the Brown Skins from Southeros and Middle-Easteros. CirceeAnne helps Littlehands tell thousands of lies, and the Dittos love it. Most of the gold coins go to the rich Lords of USteros.

McCain the Brave brings Melissandro and her health care back to life after Littlehands almost kills her. Bob the Miller is chosen to investigate Brute-Tin's role in King Littlehand's victory while Sessions the Small recuses himself. The Miller grinds out a report. Before the report is released the Lannisters send for their secret agent, Simon the Barr Sinister. Barr Sinister does battle with Nancy the UnderCat.

Preview of Season3: Joe Sleet, Sansa Harris, Arya Warren, Brienne Hildebrand, Bran O'Boy are on the Stark side. They will have a bloody fight with King Littlehands, Brute-Tin, the Clay People, Ming, the Zombie People, the Lannisters and others. Marvelous excitement!

Linda Woodbury

Hot Springs

Editorial on 07/08/2019

Print Headline: Monday's Letter to the Editor

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