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Shameless celebration

Dear editor:

The estimates on Donald Trump's shameless Fourth of July celebration of self are still coming in. The military says the flybys will exceed $5 million; the National Park Service says their tab may well be over $10 million. All so one insecure, narcissistic buffoon can indulge himself and in his own eyes feel important. It's worth noting the fireworks were donated by one of the nation's largest wholesale distributors, but only after Trump backed off imposing tariffs on Chinese fireworks. If nothing else, this administration is good at quid pro quo. To his credit, The Donald did manage to stand on the hard concrete in front of the Lincoln Memorial, even with his bad bone spurs.

The best, however, was Trump's speech: "In June of 1775, the Continental Congress created a unified Army out of the Revolutionary Forces encamped around Boston and New York. ... " OK, so far, so good. But the facts took a bad turn at that point for Donny.

"Our Army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports. ... " An amazing aerial victory considering it was 1775! You can't make this stuff up, or apparently, you can.

My only regret is that Donald failed to give Mel Gibson credit for his heroic efforts with the militia forces in the Southern colonies. It was well documented by Hollywood. This is how the rest of the world views our nation now, folks.

Semper Fi.

Gunnery Sgt. Ron Collins, USMC retired

Hot Springs

Editorial on 07/10/2019

Print Headline: Wednesday's Letter to the Editor

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