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What do you support?

Dear editor:

I noticed a letter from Dennis Bosch recently in which he took issue with a rebuttal letter he said attacked him "personally." I went back and read his original submission, in which, among other things, he said the average voter "was as ignorant as a box of rocks" and "didn't have a clue." There were numerous other things Mr. Bosch said that were derogatory toward taxpaying voters, but I guess that's OK, since he was attacking them in general. As long as it wasn't "personal."

So I'll address my submission, not as an attack, and not on Mr. Bosch, but a mere question to he, Rick Cherry, and Larry Bauer, as well as the others who continually support Donald Trump and his policies.

A recent Associated Press (or fake news, take your choice) article showed the U.S. GDP, or gross domestic product gain, slowed to 2.6 percent, with an overall growth for the year of 2.9 percent (coincidentally almost identical to the last term of Barack Obama).

This mediocre growth despite the Trump tax cuts, which lowered the corporate tax rate and those of the wealthiest percentage of Americans from 35 to 21 percent? How can this be explained?

Perhaps, because numerous reputable government and media organizations have explained, those cuts did not go toward job creation, bringing jobs back to America versus outsourcing, or giving employees raises or additional benefits. Out of the Fortune 500, which represents the top 500 grossing companies in the United States, 433 admitted they were giving no bonuses, raises, or even one time incentives to employees. Instead, the vast majority went to stock buybacks for the wealthiest on Wall Street.

Instead, with little or no wage gain, or cost of living increase to those on fixed incomes, the average cost of consumer goods has risen almost 3 percent. So companies are making more, but we as consumers are paying more for their products. It's that simple.

On top of that, under two years of Donald Trump, our national deficit has ballooned from $17 trillion to an estimated $22 trillion by the end of the next fiscal year.

So I'll ask the simple question to Bosch and the other Trump supporters: What is it about this president's economic policies do you like or support? I am interested in your responses.

Noah Little

Hot Springs

To 'no wall' defenders

Dear editor:

The penalty for rape is life in prison.

To the writers of Feb. 5, Feb. 6, and other writers defending "no wall."

How do we know which of the men in the caravan are the ones raping 30 percent of the females when the cameras stop rolling at nightfall? Then -- on to the U.S.A.!

Please don't tell me the moon is made of green cheese.

P.S.: The feigned disdain for walls is hilariously entertaining. Have you seen the street people's "encampments" in the cities of our beautiful U.S.A.? How about a caravan to a better life for them? They're Americans, overlooked in favor of foreigners. Street people can't vote? Thank God some of us don't swallow what libs try to feed us. An old saying says "Charity begins at home." Some of the "immigrants" would probably be shocked at the sight of some of our city streets. Sidewalks for beds and bathrooms, garbage cans for dinner, and dope needles thrown to the curb. No doubt some served you and me in the U.S. military. Shame, shame. (When you see a person(s) in uniform in a restaurant, please pay their ticket. Thank you.)

P.P.S.: Nancy and the white coats were a hoot at S.O.T.U.

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Editorial on 03/12/2019

Print Headline: Tuesday's Letters to the Editor

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