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Athletic options needed

Dear editor:

Recently, ASMSA created leeway for students to participate in athletics through Hot Springs High School. Organizations such as the Arkansas Department of Education and the Arkansas Activities Association cooperated with both schools to bring about this change in the athletic statute. Although ASMSA students can be grateful for the alteration, other options for the students should be available because of the instability of Hot Springs High School's athletic department's funding and athletic standing.

The choice to attend ASMSA should not be at the expense of the individual's affinity for athletics, especially while other schools, such as Lakeside, Lake Hamilton and Bryant, all offer ones that fluctuate at HSHS, i.e., coed cheerleading, wrestling, dance and bowling. According to Niche, when comparing the nine high schools in Garland County, HSHS ranks fourth athletically. Additionally, 65 percent of the HSHS school district agree that these activities are not funded enough to satisfy their needs.

The solution to administer a policy authorizing ASMSA students to participate in athletics at other schools seems the most plausible. A radius of a one-hour commute would seem most appropriate for such a solution be to be approved due to the dean of students' discretion. This radius opens schools like Bryant, Benton, Lakeside, Lake Hamilton and North Little Rock High School, if they collectively agree to do so, which requires approval by consent with AAA and affected schools. All these schools offer a wider variety of sports along with greater stability, financially.

Personally, I was disenfranchised by AAA officials due to my age and hope that publications can voice my efforts. Accessibility to stable athletics programs is a number one concern for all students.

Nnume Nwankwo


Time to end DST

Dear editor:

Do you enjoy changing your clocks twice a year? If so, quit reading this! There is no question that changing clocks twice a year is disruptive to people's lives. Evidence shows that this disruption is harmful to people's health. There is absolutely no evidence that this clock changing practice accomplishes anything. Why do we keep torturing ourselves twice a year? Join the movement to end this DST folly and call your national and state leaders and voice your opinion to end DST. Remaining silent perpetuates this silly practice.

Stansel Harvey

Hot Springs

Editorial on 03/13/2019

Print Headline: Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

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