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Kudos to Majestic plan

Dear editor:

We were very pleased to read Fifty for the Future's proposal for the Majestic Hotel site. Since it is one of the premier locations in our city, what a wonderful design to showcase the thermal waters in our beautiful historic downtown.

In the summer and warm weather months, we have lots of visitors. This would be a promising way to entice tourists and families to our city during the fall and winter months when things are relatively quiet. Children and their families splashing in the warm waters and adults soaking in the soothing waters at separate pools would be hugely beneficial to our economy. Making it a multipurpose venue involving our music, arts, and bicycle patrons makes it a win-win proposition. When people come and ask where are the hot springs, we will have the answer.

Thank you Fifty for the Future for investing the time and energy into offering this proposal. We hope our Hot Springs community will actively get involved and support this worthy project.

Karen and Steve DeMott

Hot Springs

Pay as you go

Dear editor:

I want to contribute my efforts to help the millennials achieve their dreams and aspirations. Besides, we have lost the ratio of workers to takers in our system. Soon there will be more people receiving benefits than contributing to those benefits' survival. Especially with the current Socialist Democratic proposal that maybe we should stop having children to protect our environment. I don't know why Dems worry? The world will be destroyed in 12 years, anyway. Good thing for millennials; they will not have to suffer as long as their predecessors.

I propose that we allow those of the mindset of Medicare for all to pay as they go, so that they do not financially destroy the system to which most of us have contributed our entire lives. This will also help them learn how to pay their fair share to help the old persons. I hate that the "give me, give me" crowd will not know the joys of paying one-third of their paycheck for health insurance. So, I propose we start them early, in order to teach them the proper way to contribute to all.

We now have a choice. We can give away health care for which they have not contributed, or we can make them pay as they go. All income tax refunds should go to the Treasury to aid in paying for health care. Maybe this will train people to be their own bank. This is something called being "responsible." I believe we should tap their paychecks for a minimum of $500 per month in FICA taxes. Give these same people a $5,000 deductible so they can learn how dollars have a direct correlation between using and paying for a benefit. Then we should adjust this amount annually based on the viability of the health care system. Obama made me realize that we owe everyone health care. Who cares how many partake and do not contribute? We owe it to them! I am sure that those currently receiving Medicare will not mind paying $400 more monthly out of their Social Security checks to help those in need.

True Democrats want to help everyone. I give up! Let's just make sure they pay as they go. Of course, most will not have enough money to pay for necessities such as food, but why worry? The rolls of food stamp recipients are down, so we need to raise that number anyway. We have lots of money!

Edward K. "Rick" Cherry

Hot Springs

Editorial on 03/14/2019

Print Headline: Thursday's Letters to the Editor

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