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The wrong track

Dear editor:

I've followed the controversy involving Hillary Clinton speaking at the Arkansas School for Math, Science, and Arts. A letter Sunday from Kelli Embry caught my attention. Mrs. Embry, who proudly has a child graduating there, proclaims the school does not have a liberal agenda, but instead encourages students to "think critically, explore ideas, ask questions, engage with peers, volunteer in their communities, and become overall better citizens."

Now I'm not much for labels like "liberal" or "conservative," but her description sounds darn like what I was raised in, and at that time we called it Christianity.

Call it what you like, but if that's what's happening in that school, they are falling far short of preparing these minnows for manhood in this day and age. Volunteer in your community? Help others? Think critically?

If those are the values and ethics these young graduates are being sent out into the real world with, you might as well throw a glass of ice water on their tasseled heads. They will never become successful politicians abiding by those guidelines. They won't become CEOs of companies, or lawyers. They'll most assuredly not be eligible for employment in Hot Springs city government, the thinking critically and exploring ideas disqualifies them immediately.

And if they adhere to these feel-good guidelines, how will they ever become a member of the Arkansas state Legislature and be successfully indicted?

No, I have to think ASMSA is on the wrong track here. As to the speaker, Clinton will do, but you have to look at all options: Donald Trump, Bernie Madhoff, surely they can come up with plenty of people to teach these kids what the real world today is like.

Casey Alexander

Mount Ida

A lack of transportation

Dear editor:

I am writing in regard to propose a solution in addressing the problem for the lack of transportation to the public in rural communities across Arkansas.

The lack of transportation methods is a problem of concern. In small communities, many are not able to get transportation to nearby cities, where many services are offered, without owning a vehicle. Need for affordable transit is critical for allowing people without vehicles or vehicles that are not in working condition to be able to reach certain destinations. The only options for those wanting transportation might be to call a taxi, or get Uber or Lyft. These services do not typically exist in rural communities, meaning those wanting these services need to pay more for longer distances.

There are solutions that can be implemented to address this problem. I believe the best way to resolve this issue is to implement an organization, specifically for those living in and around a rural community, made specifically for carpooling. I am advocating for an organization that would be able to link up those in need of a ride with those who are willing to give rides. In a small community, there are many people who are in support of helping out those in need and are willing to but do not know how to do so. By creating an organization, it would allow a method of solving the lack of transportation in an efficient, ecological way that overall helps the community out for the better.

Esther Filipek


Last letter

Dear editor:

Today is May 1, 2019, CE. May Day. This is my last letter.

When I called The Sentinel-Record a few weeks ago to stop my subscription, they graciously extended it one more month.

Additional time only reinforced my decision to abandon this inky old boat. She is listing hard to starboard, desperate to appease that fading generation of readers who still celebrate bigotry from the burrows and bunkers of their anachronistic orthodoxies.

Letting go is a bittersweet moment for someone who grew up reading daily newspapers, including this one for the last 25 years.

So adios amigos, you left-behind few who proudly resist reason, who reject love and mercy, who are unmoved in the face of "patriotic" cruelty and injustice. Let me know when I show up in the obituaries.

Titanic America is sailing into uncharted waters, into a dense fog where truth and facts matter not. Like icebergs in the gathering gloom, fascism, history repeated, and lessons unlearned loom before us. Hum a few bars of "Nearer my God to thee" on your way down, will you?

John Ragland

Hot Springs

Editorial on 05/07/2019

Print Headline: Tuesday's Letters to the Editor

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