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No loopholes

Dear editor:

As a daughter of volunteer firefighters and the mother of a volunteer firefighter for over 21 years, I am glad to see that the JPs have called for special elections on Piney and 70 West fire districts.

There are no loopholes regarding the tax that one should be glad to pay for the protection they are provided day and night by the volunteers. If Mr. Ted Burhenn, whose letter ("Too many loopholes") was published May 5, has rental property, he should be aware that all taxes and insurance is a deduction on Schedule E of his tax return (for those reporting their rental income by the law) and not passed or "trickled down" on to the renter. Which in many cases is a benefit to the landlord on his tax return as a deduction from the income, (and I am a tax preparer). No property would go up for sale by the state if the fire tax is not paid, which was explained on the front page of the May 8 The Sentinel-Record.

I know the expense that a volunteer firefighter spends on safety gear and equipment. My son, a captain and first responder on the Piney Fire Department, spends literally thousands of dollars each year on his gear. The fire departments cannot afford to outfit the guys with everything that is needed and any reimbursement (of $7-10) for "call runs" does not even cover the gas or fuel and expense of their personal vehicles. First responders are not reimbursed for bandages, oxygen, and medical supplies that they purchase and carry with them. The firefighters spend hours training and staying certified which is required of them and they all have jobs, too.

How often do I hear my son making a run at 2 a.m. or all weird hours of the night and day and spending hours on a scene?

I think it is only fair that everyone shares the benefits offered by the fire departments. Hopefully, no one's home burns or they are in a horrific accident requiring the first responders to act and assist the sheriff's department or state police in those cases. In some cases, having to use the "Jaws of Life" to extricate someone from a vehicle in a serious accident or have a medical emergency, (which the firefighters respond to, as well.)

And finally, where is that big yearly "appreciation fee" of $170? And, I know that my homeowner's insurance agents have always considered ISO rating and proximity to fire hydrants, fire departments, etc., not what Arkansas weather is going to be. Even though lots of claims are weather-related.

Martha Grauds

Hot Springs

Re: 'last letter'

Dear editor:

Re: John Ragland's last letter which he says is his "last letter."

In the extra time you'll have now, try to learn the difference between the left and the right.

So long, don't let the hatch hit you in the aft on your way out.

C.O. Stover

Hot Springs

Missing the boat

Dear editor:

Once again a proponent of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the liberal agenda of the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts has the missed the boat.

Although Solomon Ni, an ASMSA junior, wrote an intelligent argument to have Clinton as a commencement speaker at our state taxpayer-supported high school, the issue is not about Clinton. The issue which Mr. Ni missed is the continued liberal agenda promoted by the administration of ASMSA.

This is an agenda, I believe supported by students like Mr. Ni who has supported Democrats and has also sought elected office as a Young Democrat.

And it comes as no surprise how other Democrats, like Molly Crenshaw, who write to this newspaper in support of Clinton. And they say it is not a political issue.

As I continue to say, ASMSA's administration has continued to use state-supported facilities and resources to promote liberalism. Just in the last year, they used ASMSA facilities to email to students and parents to support a Democrat candidate for U.S. Congress.

That is the reason why people asked Citizens for the American Agenda to hold an organizational meeting on May 7 at the Garland County Library. People are tired of our taxpayer dollars being wasted on political agendas and want to protest the wasteful spending of ASMSA.

And Mr. Ni is correct, ASMSA is supposed to represent students from a cross-section of Arkansas. The best and the brightest.

But the people of the state of Arkansas overwhelmingly vote Republican. So wouldn't you think that there would be a similar representation of Republican students at ASMSA. So why hasn't a Young Republican chapter been created there? But Young Democrats meet?

That is something maybe Mr. Ni could explore.

I agree the graduation should not be political. Being a Democrat, Mr. Ni may believe that listening to Clinton as apolitical, but think about the conservative students and their parents who will be forced to listen.

Mr. Ni, since you appear to be a staunch supporter of liberal Democrat views and a candidate for state office in the Young Democrats, would you want to be forced to listen to a speech by President Trump? Or how about Tucker Carlson?

I agree with Anthony Lloyd, another letter to the editor writer, who said a successful alumnus of ASMSA is a more appropriate speaker for a commencement exercise instead of someone like Clinton who, "has done nothing but live off public and taxpayer largesse her entire life."

Let's give the graduates of ASMSA a true choice rather than being forced to listen to a one-sided agenda.

Reggie Cowan

Hot Springs

Poor management

Dear editor:

The New York Times has come out with information about how "The Donald" lost a billion dollars over a 10-year period. For the people who think he is great at dealing and trying to help the common man this should give one pause. For if you do the math that comes to losing about $274,000 per day for 10 years. Most people would love to make $274,000 a year and feel and be very wealthy. So to lose this amount each day gives some perspective about how much money and how blundering this is.

Most of us would like to know more about how this affected King Trump and what his current economic status truly is today. You know you can't believe what he says so some investigative journalism will be necessary. Maybe if we saw his tax returns?

What we know for sure is that he cheats when playing golf, he cheats on his wife and we highly suspect that he cheats on his taxes. He has proved himself to be a pathological liar par excellence.

To give some more perspective about how bad his judgment is, I submit that a person who has casinos and loses money is very poor at management. Just what kind of bumbling does it take to bankrupt a casino? For those who are familiar with how casinos operate know that the house always wins. That is how it is set up. They take a percentage of all bets.

So through time we are getting a better picture of just how bad "The Donald's" judgment has been and is. And I hope everyone takes the time to go through at least some parts of the Mueller report. Don't take my word; read the report! It in no way exonerates Mr. Trump.

Finally, is Congress really supposed to be a constitutional check on abusive acts by the executive branch of government? Can congress save our republic? I have already heard the view from some that we already are in a constitutional collapse. For the executive branch is ignoring the powers of the judicial and congressional branches and doing what it wants. We will have to see if our constitutional checks and balances are able to right the ship. If not, we will see our country turn into a banana republic. Voters beware. Do you really want an authoritarian government? Donald loves the authoritarian leaders of the world. His dream is to be one. And be one for life ... excuse me ... I think I'm going to be sick.

Bill Wiedmann

Hot Springs

Editorial on 05/12/2019

Print Headline: Sunday's Letters to Editor

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