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Treasured moment

Dear editor:

I appreciated Melinda Gassaway's article of May 7. Her insightful opinions have always been in the best interest of our community. I would hope that no one would take advantage of the treasured commencement of the ASMSA graduating class of 2019 to express a controversial issue favoring only one side of an issue by hosting a public protest.

The commencement will honor all the hardworking and dedicated students of an institution that is founded on accepting bright and exceptional students, no matter their political leanings. Is it possible that a student who could accept the political ideology of a protesting group be offended at the disturbance of their treasured moment, honoring their endeavors, and in fact decide they would not want to be a part of such a group?

Just a thought.

Shirley Miller

Hot Springs

A rock-solid speaker

Dear editor:

I say Hillary should not give the speech. Instead, she should pass out the diplomas as an honorary guest. I nominate a rock as guest speaker and I will be its interpreter. I believe the speech from the rock will knock the house inside-out.

Nonetheless, we are a Democratic-Republic and the ASMSA students should vote upon the matter. I am in favor of the rock. Protesters should plan their protest one day before the graduation as a courtesy to the ASMSA students and families. Let's not traffic jam their special event. Thank you and God bless the ASMSA students and their families.

Michael Lucas

Hot Springs

Stiff backbones needed

Dear editor:

Two innocent children died after their long journey to our border. Liberals blame their deaths on President Trump.

Four men died at Benghazi while Ms. Clinton was Secretary of State. They needed protection. When their bodies were returned to the U.S., Hillary lied through her teeth to the parents about why they were tortured and murdered, then not surprisingly said, "What does it matter at this point who killed them?" when questioned, pouring salt into their wounds! Hillary then ran for the highest office of the four dead men's country, and Americans voted for her!

And you call President Trump bad names? If your eyes and ears are open, you can see plainly, that the progressive, liberal, socialist Democrats are trying to boot God out of our country and out of our government.

Stiff backbones, thick skin and total dedication to our creator, God Almighty, is all that will save us.

God answered our prayers in 2016 and we have Donald Trump for our president; 2020 depends on God's people standing strong! Again!

April 15 -- Great letter Darryl Foshee!

P.S.: Some of my conservative Christian friends, reading another letter jabbing me, have a worried look on their face -- until they see me laughing. Question -- Why do wealthy Democrats knock wealthy Republicans for being wealthy? I know there's a good answer.

Thank you. God bless America. God bless Donald Trump and our Christians who are true to God.

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Editorial on 05/13/2019

Print Headline: Monday's Letters to the Editor

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