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Not a political event

Dear editor:

Reggie Cowan in his May 12 letter declared that proponents of Hillary Clinton addressing this year's graduating class from the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts are "missing the boat" in his opposition to her speech. He says that his organization Citizens for the American Agenda are protesting the use of taxpayer dollars to promote a liberal agenda at the school. I believe Mr. Cowan has not only missed the boat but is trying to mislead the public as to why Clinton is giving this commencement speech.

I and others have pointed out that she was invited to speak to the 25th graduating class because she was one of the major players in establishing ASMSA. Neither President Trump, Tucker Carlson or any of the others who've been suggested as alternatives had anything to do with the existence of this school. Long before she was Secretary of State or a presidential candidate Ms. Clinton was an active proponent for better education. That cannot be said about the aforementioned individuals.

Clinton has waived her speaking fee for this event. So no tax dollars are involved there.

Mr. Cowan continues to complain that a Young Democrat club meets regularly at ASMSA but no Young Republicans. As many have pointed out, the students are the ones who organize and run these groups and no taxpayer funds are used. You cannot the fault the school because no students have organized a Young Republican group. Yes, the Young Democrats hosted a Democratic candidate to speak at the school in 2018, and the school sent out email announcing the event. How much do you think it cost the taxpayers to send out those emails? I'm sure had a Republican candidate chosen to speak at the school the same courtesy would have been extended.

All of these issues have been addressed by other writers, and yet Mr. Cowan keeps harping that the school is pushing a liberal agenda. One of those writers is a junior at ASMSA, and Cowan insists on lambasting him because he is a Democrat. What kind of a man repeatedly attacks a high school kid just for having a point of view different from his?

I hate to be redundant, but Mr. Cowan and his organization Citizens for the American Agenda seem to keep missing this point: The commencement ceremony for the 25th graduating class from ASMSA is not a political event. It is a celebration of the achievement of those students and the success of one of the great high schools in America. In my opinion, anyone who would disrupt such an occasion to advance their political agenda is an individual of meager character. Let the students, their families and the school rejoice without the pettiness of politics.

Bud Kenny

Hot Springs

Editorial on 05/14/2019

Print Headline: Tuesday's Letter to the Editor

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