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New director needed

Dear editor:

Article 1 of the US Constitution affords all citizens the Freedom of Speech.

Page 5 of the ASMSA Student Handbook discourages its students from utilizing that right, and Page 45 establishes it as a violation of school policy. Both of these statements, of course, apply specifically to situations that could be "embarrassing" or "damaging" to the school and its reputation. Restrictions on faculty and staff are likely much stricter.

Just hours after my last letter, "Too much (dolphin) pride?" was published on Wednesday April 17, members of ASMSA's campus community began reaching out, directly and indirectly, to share their experiences, show support, or even thank me for speaking out about situations that take place inside the scan-in doors on campus. But in the days after, others asked why I was the only one speaking out.

The systematic silencing of those most important members of the ASMSA campus community has led to a fear to speak out against the school. Emotions ran hot, and finally, at the Board of Visitors meeting on Monday the 13th, we heard from parents and current students. I was never alone.

"I'm not willing to sit by and watch these people run the school into the ground."

"I'm frustrated at a level of fear instilled in my daughter."

"(The director) will be the downfall of this school."

"Who is the captain of this ship?"

"If you don't agree with something the headperson says, you're retaliated against."

These are just a few of the comments that were made about my former home, and every word hurt more than the last. Other parents indicated that they couldn't in good conscience encourage other parents to allow their students to apply. A student indicated that a situation that should have had serious legal repercussions has been completely mishandled by administration, who seem to be sitting on their hands.

One thing is clear: the ASMSA director needs to be investigated, and probably replaced. He should resign or be placed on leave immediately until a thorough investigation can be conducted. The school is better than this, and it hurts me to see a few people damage the reputation of an institution that has given so much to so many.

Brock Rigsby


Editorial on 05/15/2019

Print Headline: Wednesday's Letter to the Editor

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