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Road to nowhere

Dear editor:

Thank you Oliver Driver (what a last name, given the subject) for your Thursday letter detailing one section of horrible road in Hot Springs. I've written on multiple occasions on the pathetic condition of our city streets, with seemingly no results.

I had hoped things would change under the direction of Bill Burrough, but it's obvious our city leadership and board of directors care more about spending millions of dollars on bike trails than our streets. I travel Cooper and West Hobson daily, and it's like traversing a lunar landing. There is a recessed pothole nearly 6 inches deep at West Hobson and Summer that actually broke the seal on my tire two weeks ago. I called the city and was told it was a state problem. Well, it's my problem, every day when I turn there. District 4 City Director Carroll Weatherford did take my call and tell me he would look into it, but I haven't heard back. Probably shouldn't expect a lot from someone who was once ousted in a vote of no confidence from the board of directors.

Part of my job involves traveling to adjacent cities and counties, and I can tell you Hot Springs has the worst street conditions, by far, of any I visit. I realize Cooper and West Hobson aren't in a ritzy part of town, but Central Avenue in front of the racetrack and Grand Avenue near the Chamber of Commerce (remember Pave it Forward?) are akin to the log ride at Magic Springs. I would think our visionary city leaders would at least be embarrassed by tourists traveling those main routes. Apparently not.

Anthony Lloyd

Hot Springs

Tip of the iceberg

Dear editor:

Regarding the politicization of the commencement ceremony Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts (ASMSA), I would argue that the ASMSA administration's choice of speaker politicized the event. Mrs. Clinton is, in my opinion, the epitome of political corruption. And, based on information presented at the board of visitors meeting on Monday night, the decision to invite her to speak is just the tip of the iceberg. The administration has apparently engaged in tactics to intimidate and instill fear in any student who opposes their liberal agenda. It is so sad that this wonderful school has become a place where only politically correct speech is allowed, and even sexual assault is not taken seriously. I am praying that the necessary steps will be taken to restore the school's reputation, so that we can once again point to it with pride.

Ellen Varhalla

Garland County

Climate action needed

Dear editor:

This week it was reported that atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) reached 415 parts-per-million (ppm). Scientists say that CO2 concentrations have not been this high for at least 800,000 years! The scientists also say that if the earth continues on its current trajectory, climate change will be a catastrophic threat to humanity, threatening the lives of our children and grandchildren.

I was educated in science at Henderson and then at the University of Arkansas. Years ago, when I was a young man, my science professors were conservative, patriotic, sober Americans. Many were veterans, and some even worked on projects funded by the Department of Defense. Now, there are some who view scientists as radical, left-wing stooges.

I am a veteran and I worked in science for 30 years in nuclear power. Although I am not a climate scientist, I understand the unmistakable facts and conclusions that climate scientists around the world have come to: If we do nothing, our children and grandchildren may be doomed.

Despite the bad news, there is some hope. More and more Americans are becoming aware of the threat. Young people are becoming more active. Alternative, or low carbon, energy sources are becoming more and more cost competitive.

What is desperately needed is for our government to take an active role in finding solutions to this problem. Many view government action as an anathema. Yet the longer there is no federal leadership, the worse the situation will become, and more drastic actions will be needed. Failure to take action now may ultimately lead to the socialist state that many fear.

So, what can you do to help? The single, most important step is to contact your elected officials and demand they take action, and tell them if they don't you will support someone who will.

Jesse J. Davis

Hot Springs

Editorial on 05/18/2019

Print Headline: Saturday's Letters to the Editor

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