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Pay college athletes?

Dear editor:

I think it's very naive to think that serious consideration is being discussed to provide income for college athletes. It's not just happenstance that the same colleges year after year dominate in football and basketball. There have been proven incidents going back at least 50 years that high school players and their parents have been paid money to go to the highest college bidder.

Today, college sports are now a multimillion if not billion-dollar industry.

In the mid-1950s, the athletic director of the University of Missouri at Columbia made a pronouncement that the University of Missouri was a "land grant" school designated by the U.S. government that provided government land for the establishment of certain state schools in our country. As such, the A.D. ruled that M.U. will recruit only athletes from the state of Missouri. Out-of-state athletes would be welcome but not recruited.

This decision led to many mediocre years of football and basketball at M.U. Only when Missouri decided to recruit like the rest of them, did Missouri become competitive. A few years after the decision I remember that we had an outstanding basketball team under Coach Norm Stewart. The starters consisted of four players from Detroit and one from Missouri. The out-of-state players couldn't even find Missouri on the map.

I don't have the answers but paying players to play must be brought out in the open to give all schools a chance to succeed. I also believe the schools owe the athletes to give them a decent and beneficial opportunity to succeed in life beyond sports. Only 1-2% of all college athletes will play professional sports.

Jack McKinney

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 11/02/2019

Print Headline: Saturday's Letter to the editor

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