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ACTI should come down

Dear editor:

I have a friend who holds a mid-management position in a national firm that specializes in refurbishing old buildings (she unsuccessfully tried to get them interested in Hot Springs). She is currently working on restoring a city block in the old financial district of Houston.

Recently, she was a dinner guest in my home and while enjoying after-dinner wine we discussed the ACTI building. The consensus we reached was that the building has no future and should come down as soon as possible.

Here are some of the thoughts that caused us to reach this consensus opinion:

1. This is no routine building. It is an 85-year-old military hospital with floor layouts of a 1933 military hospital. Likely this means that all interior walls will have to come down and be replaced with new interior layouts. No small task.

2. The original paint (and that used during the first 30 to 40 years of its life) probably contained lead. This is a serious environmental contamination.

3. The building probably has less than adequate insulation and the insulation it has is likely asbestos. A second serious contamination.

4. Air conditioning hadn't even been invented in 1933, and the present heating system is totally inadequate. Due to how the building was designed, adding a venting system then installing modem heating and air conditioning will likely be very expensive.

5. The electrical wiring is 85 years old. The entire building will probably have to be rewired, and the current wiring is undoubtedly a major fire risk.

6. Same with the 85-year-old plumbing system. Eighty-five-year-old piping might be unfit for use today, and undoubtedly would have to be replaced. The building must be a maintenance nightmare today and passing time will only make the maintenance problem much worse.

7. Assume these problems are overcome and the building is restored: This is a very large building that would likely be used by several hundred customers and/or employees. Where will they park?

I closely read each ACTI article in your newspaper, always looking for a suggested repurpose the ACTI building might serve. So far not one suggested new use has appeared in one of your articles. Why? Because there might not be one.

If the building has no future, this must be recognized ASAP so that the removal of the building becomes the priority rather than a futile effort to repurpose it.

Perhaps there is a solution. The building was originally constructed by the U.S. military and it is owned by the Department of Defense. It should be their responsibility to dismantle their abandoned hospital and haul it away. Perhaps Sen. Tom Cotton can put a clause in the next DOD funding bill that comes before the Congress. The clause should direct that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers do the job. It will be a massive undertaking.

I most certainly hope I am wrong, but 1 doubt it for 1 have yet to see one idea that suggests the building has a practical long-term future.

Ed Pace

Hot Springs

Leadership pangs

Dear editor:

Larry Bauer, I could never fathom the inability of left-leaning individuals to see what is going on around them. Glad you are back! Your perfect description is "weak-minded." This has to be infectious among liberal thought. I just read the Gunny's spiel on how we should not be so calloused in the descriptive death of Al Baghdadi. If showing respect to a sadistic terrorist responsible for the inhumane death, rape and torture of many humans is required to show how humane we are, I will pass! Unfortunately, the gunny's generation was the first to be taught that war is humane. This is exactly when, as a country, we forgot how to fight to win. This is exactly when, as a country, we allowed politicians to lie to us and use soldiers as pawns in political battles. Now we get into wars without conviction to complete the task. We allow weak-minded individuals to spin, lie and run our political environment until we give up on the reasons we were there in the first place.

Gunny, no disrespect for your service or efforts while in the service is intended. I respect anyone that has fought for this country. I cannot for the life of me understand how you cannot see they lied to you then and are lying to you now. You have to be able to see how this political machine, combined with the press, is destroying this country. I am glad someone is fighting back and not taking everything at face value. I am glad people have finally stood up to the "Deep State" and question their intentions. Gunny, they did not win the war in Vietnam in flip-flops, they won the war with the ability to turn our press against us and question our will. They could have done that naked! The flip-flop was good symbolism to describe the beginning of liberal manipulation of the press. This is exactly what is going on right now! We have allowed the press to turn us against ourselves and allowed our politicians to tell us lies to sell a narrative.

A recent poll shows that over 70% of our millennial generation would prefer socialism. Is there any wonder why? Our press and liberal political machine has sold our youth a bill of goods which will lead to our republic's demise unless we fight back. President Trump, with all of his flaws, fights back. This is expected of a true leader. I do not expect a true leader to give up and allow public sentiment to sway strong convictions. If nothing else, President Trump will not roll over and allow the "Deep State" to roll him over without a fight. I like that! Do you remember Gen. Patton? He did not go along to get along. He had deep convictions which guided him. His deep convictions were more important than his job. Wanting to defeat the enemy foreign (Russia) and domestic (Liberal Press and Politicians) cost him too!

Edward K. "Rick" Cherry

Hot Springs

Legislation question

Dear editor:

I'm one of those geeks that on Sundays actually reads the congressional voting summary of our representatives in the state paper. One this month disturbed me involving our local congressman, Bruce Westerman.

HR3624 was called "Public Reporting of U.S. jobs sent abroad." It seems pretty simple, at least as far as legislation today goes. The Securities and Exchange Commission would collect, and then be required to report, the number of jobs publicly held (stock issued) companies have in various countries versus the number of people they employ in the U.S. As the summary said, it would "let consumers know the extent to which domestic layoffs are attributable to outsourcing."

I for one think that's information the public, and taxpayers, would like to know. Walmart, Whirlpool, AT&T, General Motors, and other corporate giants have moved a lot of jobs out of this country, and perhaps knowing that would affect my decision whether or not to do business with them.

Congressman Bruce Westerman voted against the SEC having to provide us that information to us, his constituents and taxpayers of Arkansas. I honestly don't know why, but I'd like to hear from the congressman why he doesn't think the hardworking people of Arkansas who pay his salary don't deserve to have this information. Perhaps it's because some of those companies are huge campaign contributors?

Noah Little

Hot Springs

No expiration date

Dear editor:

I would like to remind mister Ron Collins in his bashing of the Commander and Chief of the Military using his rank for emphasis of a DOD directive:

"It is DOD policy to encourage members of the Armed Forces (hereafter referred to as "members") (including members on active duty, members of the Reserve Components not on active duty, members of the Nat activity, and that members not on active duty should avoid inferences that their political activities imply or appear to imply official sponsorship, approval, or endorsement, the following policy shall apply

National Guard even when in a non-Federal status, and retired members) to carry out the obligations of citizenship. In keeping with the traditional concept that members on active duty should not engage in partisan politics."

They go on to say that while they encourage free speech, voting and participation in civil affairs, you should not identify your self with any branch of service as it reflects on the entire military. In all of my attendance of VA appointments, all branches are represented with all ranks included, never have I heard a political partisan discussion. Nor have I heard rank being mentioned. They are all veterans.

We should be proud of our service to America and proud of those who served and are serving, but we should not let our partisan views reflect back on our fellow veterans. We all took an oath and it didn't have an expiration date.

Ted C. Burhenn

Hot Springs

Appreciates letter

Dear editor:

This is a response of appreciation concerning the wonderful Christian letter by Ms. Joan Way (Thurs., Oct. 31)!

Your letter was very inspirational for me and since you revealed that you are 77 years of age, you demonstrated that it is very possible for seniors to let their voices be heard!

My last letters concerned God's Good News message about how to obtain salvation through trusting in Jesus Christ as Savior. Hopefully, my letters have been helpful for some of your readers. One thing certain about my salvation messages is that some of you can't stand before God some day and truthfully say that you never heard God's truth about salvation.

God lets each of us choose whether we will turn away from sin and toward God. Yes, it is always our choice about what we will do concerning Jesus Christ.

Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas said, "Some people will reject God no matter how clearly the message is presented."

He also said, "It is not a lack of evidence that keeps an unbeliever from finding God; it is a lack of desire." In other words, some people just don't want God in their lives.

You can certainly do that if you really want to, but you must also realize that all unbelievers are doomed to an eternity in the horrible place called hell! There are no exceptions. Jesus is the only One who can save you from this tragedy.

I've written many Christian letters and some of you might possibly ask, "Just who does he think he is writing about these Biblical matters?" After all, I'm not a pastor or an ordained preacher. I'm just one of the many Christians who are trying to make a difference for the better in this troubled world.

There is a Christian song that I like and I would like to share some of the words:

"I'm just a nobody trying to tell everybody all about Somebody who saved my soul. Ever since You rescued me, You gave my heart a song to sing, I'm living for the world to see nobody but Jesus. ...

"So when I hear that devil start talking to me, saying, 'Who do you think you are?' I say, 'I'm just a nobody trying to tell everybody all about Somebody Who saved my soul. So let me go down, down in history as another blood-bought faithful member of the family. And if they all forget my name, well, that's fine with me. I'm living for the world to see nobody but Jesus." ("Nobody" by Casting Crowns," featuring Matthew West).

Lloyd Hoffman

Hot Springs

Editorial on 11/03/2019

Print Headline: Sunday's Letters to the editor

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