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Tea and tolerance

Dear editor:

A stranger rode into Highwall, Ark. How he had managed to get in, nobody knew. The gatekeeper must have dozed off.

He looked like an ordinary person as he walked down Main Street. A little prissy for the tastes of the weightlifters and hunters. Somewhat distant for the gawking women who thought he was cute and handsome.

He went into Joe's Coffee House and sat down. Everybody had a good look at him, and several people heard him when he placed his order: a cup of tea.

Whoa! This is a coffee house! And he had ordered tea.

The gossip spread from table to table. A man who was leaving took the news with him. Soon the word was all over the little town: There is a queer guy in Joe's Coffee House who drinks tea!

I can imagine that if this man needed to stay overnight, the hotel was full. If he wanted to read a magazine, the librarian was on lunch break. If he tried to go into the church to look at the stained glass window, he found a locked door with a sign: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."

I grew up in an area of the South where people of color were believed to be inferior. To some, these lowly souls (who might not even have had souls) were always at the bottom of the ladder, looking up. I heard my cousin say that she was better than they were, simply because she had been born white.

Since those days I have tried to overcome every prejudice I learned at my mother's knee, reinforced by my father's insistence that the forced separation of certain groups was a Biblical truth. Now I know that this is hogwash.

What I need to do now is to learn to look at every living person as a human who has the same rights that I have.

A recent letter to this paper decried the stand of the Democrat party in "promoting LGBTQT." (I do not know what that extra "T" stands for. Maybe Tea drinkers?)

If the Democrats are indeed "promoting" the rights of any group who are constantly having to fight for the rights that everyone else seems to be born with, they will get my vote.

I do not care whether another human being drinks coffee or tea -- or neither.

C.G. Smith

Hot Springs

Check the record

Dear editor:

Time to check the record:

Jim Jordan, military service, none. Score-0.

Kevin McCarthy, military service record not mentioned in his online info. Score-0.

Mitch McConnel, military service, enlisted in Army Reserve, discharged after five weeks for optic neuritis. Score-0.25

The president, military service, none. Bone spurs. Score-0.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindeman, Purple Heart. Score-Duty, Honor, Respect.

Michael Preble

Hot Springs

Editorial on 11/04/2019

Print Headline: Monday's Letters to the editor

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