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Live within a budget

Dear editor:

Mr. Webb,

I certainly applaud you for your recent promotion to library director. I have faith you will do a great job.

My concern is your remarks in the newspaper on Oct. 23. You are quoted as saying: "As far as facilities, we've got a great big public library, but it's just a single site and most communities of our size have multiple locations, " he said. "However, without raising taxes, that would be fairly difficult. ... If we ever got to a time when we were wanting to raise a millage, or something along those lines, to either build a new library or provide more services here, we would probably call on all our friends to help us out because of the few conversations I've had with (Visit Hot Springs CEO) Steve Arrison and other folks around town, they all seem of the same mindset that 'a rising tide raises all the ships.'"

I am told that the library has almost $5 million in a reserve fund, so why would we have a need to converse about raising taxes? If you have already had these conversations with Steve Arrison and "other folks around town" it sounds as if it is already a done deal and the taxpayer can expect a special election to increase the millage. Why not use that money in reserve if you want to build another building? Not to mention that The Friends of The Library also provides money for certain programming items. Can we please live within a budget? This taxpayer is tired of being asked to fund more when we can do a good job with what we have.

Sharon Parrett

Hot Springs

Inmates take over jail

Dear editor:

When is America going to get some backbone and take the handcuffs off our cops and let them slap them on the Democrat-bought thugs getting 6 inches away, yelling in their face, making obscene hand gestures at them, throwing buckets of water on them and throwing rocks and anything else they can get their hands on at them? I am embarrassed for our uniformed lawmen not being allowed to do their job, instead standing by while being insulted by no-good bums. I don't hear anyone speaking out on this and that is a disgrace. We're letting the inmates take over the jail.

It's not like I don't know why it's happening. Democrats would jail the cops if one of their bums gets hurt! Do you think there is a Trump voter among the thugs? We are letting the Dems get away with the humiliation and disgracing our great cops!

Exodus 20:17 says "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house." King James.

"Thou shalt not covet the 'White' House." Mary R.

That's what it's all about.

P.S.: I was not in the least surprised when the liberal 'Journalists Inc.' made Baghdadi out to be an "evangelistic humanitarian."

God Bless America. God Bless President Trump and every brave American in uniform.

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

'Thanks' Sunrise Rotary

Dear editor:

Recently Hot Springs Sunrise Rotary held its 13th Annual Fish Fry benefiting CASA and Ouachita Children's Center. Ouachita Children, Youth, and Family Services feels honored that Sunrise Rotary continues to be such an amazing advocate for Ouachita Children's Center and the services we provide for the children in our community who are in crisis.

With their generous gift, we are able to provide not only supplies for basic needs, but we are also able to help empower those seeking our services by providing programs dedicated to the health and well-being of the children who come to us seeking safety and shelter.

Ouachita Children, Youth, and Family Services is grateful for Sunrise Rotary, which does such wonderful work in Hot Springs and we love having it as a part of our family. It is impossible to do what we do without the support of a caring community.

Thank you, Sunrise Rotary!

Ouachita Children, Youth,and Family Services

Editorial on 11/06/2019

Print Headline: Wednesday's Letters to the editor

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