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Trump rationalizations

Dear editor:

As the proof of Donald Trump's multifaceted corruption continues to mount, those who steadfastly remain in his base continue to concoct head-scratching rationalizations for his misdeeds.

Reasonable Americans ask, "How can they close their eyes in the face of all the evidence?" A credible observer has offered an explanation. Anyone still supporting Trump at the present juncture of his presidency falls into one or more of three categories: 1. delusional, 2. maliciously ignorant, or 3. personally benefitting presently or in the future.

Examples span the nation, from the highest public and business officials to local residents. Those in the delusional category include evangelical leaders and TV preachers who claim that God has ordained Trump as president to save America from liberals. Of course, these folks, along with a few Sentinel-Record letter writers, always keep Bible proof texts handy to support their propositions. The delusional also occupy the secular realm. One recent local letter writer claimed initially to have "always been a climate change denier." As is Donald Trump. The writer went on to declare that he had completed a "lifelong scientific climate study." And has discovered the cause of the climate change "chaos." According to his study, the cause is "Daylight Saving Time." The writer quickly adds, " Really. No Joke." Then cites as proof that Arizona has rejected Daylight Saving Time and has solved its climate change problem.

The same geographic and social expanse applies with the maliciously ignorant. Sen. Lindsey Graham, an adamant Trump acolyte, recently displayed his malicious ignorance by repeatedly declaring before TV cameras, " I'm not reading these Democratic impeachment transcripts," because the whole thing is "BS." Back in Hot Springs a letter writer alleges a Democratic conspiracy to bring down Trump at any cost, including concealing the identity of the whistleblower. Who, according to the writer, is a known Democratic partisan fired by Trump from his job at the NSC. He offers no evidence supporting his allegation. And conveniently omits any mention of the federal Whistleblower Protection Act.

The present and probable future beneficiaries of their Trump support include the aforementioned Sen. Graham running for reelection, Paul Manafort, Lt. General Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin and the Arkansas congressional delegation.

Steven Rittenmeyer

Hot Springs Village

A season of giving

Dear editor:

This organization has been truly blessed. We have been extremely busy working as volunteers as usual. The word lupus is getting a lot of attention. Lupus patients are taking the disease seriously and doing their very best to take care of their bodies and educating themselves more about this debilitating, cruel, mystery disease lupus.

I know there several lupus patients who passed away during the year of 2019 and our hearts go out to the family and friends who were touched by their demise. We as an organization were also touched by the deceased lupus patients but we all have great memories in our hearts.

Please keep the date of GivingTuesday which is on Dec. 3, 2019, and make your year-end tax-deductible donation to the Lupus Foundation of Arkansas Inc. by going to http://www.firstgiving/28300 There is no donation too large or too small.

We hope and pray that you will have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving and holiday season.

Jamesetta Smith, president

Lupus Foundation of Arkansas Inc.

A lupus patient

Editorial on 11/24/2019

Print Headline: Sunday's Letters to the editor

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