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Brutal honesty

Dear editor:

Military brass outraged over the Gallagher case. I guess the Brass forgot about their misconduct when they covered up Pat Tillman's death. Before I continue with this letter, then let me make it clear that I love our veterans dearly.

How can we demand our Warfighters (WFS) to behave ethically when our corrupted leaders start immoral wars on the basis of greed?

How can we demand our WFS to show humanity onto an enemy when that enemy has shown no humanity?

How can anyone believe that our WFS must behave all the time in the theater of war?

If you throw a meth head into a room full of meth, then do you believe they will behave themselves?

Our brass and our leaders, like Pompeo, scold China, Russia, and Iran about human dignity and human rights. I guess the Native Americans felt very dignified when their humanity was violently taken away from them. This country is guilty of many sins including the mass destabilization of the Middle East over oil. Our children will pay the price for our country's sins.

Conclusively, we are a nation of hypocrites and we should not demand our Warfighters to act like Mother Teresa when waging war. That war is hell and not a Unicorn party. If this nation truly loves our veterans, then stop sending them to hell. Finally, Jesus Christ died for my liberty and freedom; therefore, dead soldiers and dead Marines are not required for our Salvation. God have Mercy on us.

Michael P. Lucas

Hot Springs

Lower drug prices

Dear editor:

Americans pay the highest drug prices in the world. Congress is debating proposals to fix this problem, and now it's time to pass legislation that will lower our drug prices.

Charles Murphy

Hot Springs

Editorial on 11/30/2019

Print Headline: Saturday's Letters to the editor

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