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A new, updated website that enables buyers an engaging way to find what they want to purchase and offers sellers new marketing resources to sell their properties faster was recently announced by 1st Choice Realty, Hot Springs.

"The search features are so easy and convenient to use," Andrea Marks, Realtor at 1st Choice Realty, Hot Springs, said in a news release.

"Marketing in the Digital Age has become frustrating with so many robocalls and unwanted messages coming to people from many sources. It is also frustrating for Real Estate brokerages to use available marketing channels in more effective ways. Keeping up with the changes in how people shop and do their own research in advance of purchasing in this fast-paced society is a full-time effort," the release said.

In the age in digital marketing, consumers hold the power, according to Jennifer Bridges of Power Digital Marketing. "All control as to what one sees, hears, and interacts with is at the tip of one's finger. With just a quick skip, swipe, or scroll consumers now hold a high authority as to what they choose to interact with."

"1st Choice Realty is committed to providing relative, smart tools and pertinent current information for clients and customers to reach their goals. They have employed the latest features to engage with prospective buyers. The new IDX search interface provides a fast and modern home search," the release said.

Visit the site at

Clients have reported a positive experience concerning the website. Most report, "I love the search tools by map, price, home or condo or ranch property. The fact I can search anytime or create a file to keep my favorites is a plus. It doesn't feel intrusive but is responsive to my needs."

In addition to a new website and social media marketing across the most popular channels, 1st Choice Realty announces new associations with Real Estate professionals that have joined the Brokerage. The 22 agents associated with 1st Choice Realty, Hot Springs can be found on the new website.

Business on 10/28/2019

Print Headline: 1st Choice HS announces digital marketing website

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