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Not fit to be president

Dear editor:

"He died like a coward, whimpering, screaming, crying." So sayeth Donald Trump in describing the killing of Abu Baki al-Baghdadi, who the American public is being told by intelligence officials (which is a misnomer in and of itself) was the head of the Islamic State, or ISIS.

I personally have a hard time believing much of anything that disseminates from Washington these days, and having dealt with military "intelligence" during two tours in Vietnam, I don't trust it much, either.

"Coward, whimpering, screaming, crying" is also an apt description for a commander in chief who dodged his own military service by claiming bone spurs. As to Trump's further proclamation as to the U.S. not being the "world police" any longer, I totally agree. So why is he now bragging about murdering a human being who, whether you agree with his religion or politics, has not been accused of ever committing a crime on American soil?

I remember seeing the horrible, atrocious effects of napalm on Vietnamese villagers during my time there. I would imagine they viewed us as "terrorists." As a lowly corporal on my first tour, I had a great staff sergeant, who was on his third tour. He was a stickler, hardcore, told us we had a job to do. Yet he insisted we respect our foe. The words "gook," "slope," or any other derogatory term were not allowed in our unit.

When Staff Sgt. Fragetti finally got his orders to return to his native Brooklyn, N.Y., we were all sad to see him go. Unlike Donald Trump, he had been the model of professionalism, courage, and honor. He told us to get home safely, and then sadly said: "Boys, they won this war in freakin' flip flops."

Gunnery Sgt. Ron Collins, USMC retired

Hot Springs

'The Swamp' exists

Dear editor:

Yes, Gary, I was gone for the summer but it was kind of you to welcome me back; glad you missed me. Let me quote Chuck Schumer: "If you go after the Intelligence community they have six ways from Sunday to get you back." So you see even Sen. Schumer knows about the Deep State or if you take all the bureaucrats and the K Street lobbyist you can lump them together into what we call: "The Swamp." It exists; it's real. Chuck knows it, he not only doesn't have the courage to take it on he and most Democrats have thrown their lot in with it.

Imagine if you were running for President and one of your major campaign promises was to: "Drain the Swamp." Can you imagine what would happen then? Actually, we don't have to imagine, do we? If you've been awake the last three years you know exactly what has happened. The Swamp does not want to be drained and will do everything they can to bring down the president or any politician that challenges them.

Now, also remember, these folks are Master Manipulators. Working with the Democrats and their Liberal friends in the MSM they have been misleading and manipulating the weak-minded for many years it has just intensified since Trump, the "Swamp Drainer" came to town. One of the things they do is leak to the press anything they think will hurt their common enemy, but often just parts and pieces not any positive parts that might exonerate him so you get a highly biased picture.

How does the Swamp manipulate? We just got Baghdadi the terrorist slime leader of ISIS in Iraq/Syria who beheaded people, burned them alive, and kept a young Christian American girl Kayla Mueller as a sex slave until he killed her. She was everything he was not. The Washington Post, a center of the Swamp, ran an obituary almost turning Baghdadi into a saint calling him an "austere religious scholar." Sick! What's their message? Trump bad, Baghdadi the serial rapist and degenerate murderer, not so bad?

When I say the MSM just misleads and manipulates the weak-minded it's totally justified. This is just one example but we're flooded with this kind of manipulation by the Swamp it even seeps into the pages of our hometown paper mainly through the AP and other MSM daily.

Larry Bauer

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 10/30/2019

Print Headline: Wednesday's Letters to the editor

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