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Another Majestic?

Dear editor:

I recently entertained friends from out of town, and during the course of the evening the conversation evolved into a discussion of the ACTI building. It turns out that one of my guests was a senior official in a real estate development firm that specializes in restoring old buildings. She is currently working on a project to bring back-to-life an entire city block in the financial/historical center of downtown Houston, Texas.

During our discussion, she opined that the ACTI building was a hopeless structure that was doomed to eventually being torn down and carted away. She said that the sooner that this became a consensus opinion the better. Delays in dynamiting the building will only result in additional costs, all kinds of seen and unforeseen problems and considerable angst. And for sure: In due time the building will have to come down.

Is there movement toward such a consensus, or is this going to be another Majestic Hotel situation only much, much larger?

Ed Pace

Hot Springs

Surprise billings

Dear editor:

Have you experienced "surprise medical billings"? You go in for a procedure or surgery and you expect your insurance to cover a certain amount then later you discover that the anesthesiologist was "out of network" or a whole host of other things and after you're home and recovering you receive a bill for $1,000's more than you expected. It's called Surprise Billings and for a change both Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate are agreed on stopping this practice, so you'd think it'd happen, right?

Well, apparently there is a PAC who calls themselves the Doctor Patient Unity who have already spent $13 million in 20 states just since last July running ads to push you to get your Reps to oppose it and this is on top of the $11.5 million spent by the AMA for the same purpose. I do not know if Arkansas is one of those 20 states but should you see any commercials pushing you to tell your representative or senator to not stop this practice I strongly urge you to do the exact opposite and urge them to push it through. Do not be deceived.

Judith Zitko

Hot Springs Village

A new P.C. plan

Dear editor:

We need a pastor or a Sunday school teacher going into every schoolroom in America for 15 minutes every morning for "conversation and prayer."

You don't like that? It's against the law?

So is stealing, lying under oath, murder, rape, speeding, texting while driving, beating up someone, stealing people's IDs, corruption, and a whole lot of other things that go on every day, and is almost considered "business as usual." Just don't pray in school!

You're OK with teaching our kids that they're the boss in the classroom, not the teacher, OK with the teacher telling little kids if they want to change their gender, it's their right, or when they get old enough to produce a baby, but they don't want a baby, the law says you can kill it, you can eat out of your neighbor's plate, if they're dumb enough to work, if you don't like something, take to the streets and protest, throwing rocks at cops if you feel like it and all the un-American things that we see going on today? P.C.

On guns -- if you took the guns from every law-abiding citizen, the bad guys would still have guns. Liberals know this just like they know that making something illegal doesn't keep it out of the hands of law-breakers. Remember the moonshine stills? This lesson that libs want to ignore goes way back. Underage kids still get smokes. Druggies still get illegal drugs. People who don't obey the law will always find a way.

One of the worst things liberals have done is pretending to care for the illegal immigrants, who look like millionaires compared to the American human beings they step over or go around every single day. How long are they going to get away with this charade?

Liberals' "P.C." (Political Correctness) plan has delivered us a disastrous mess with adults who never grew up. My "P.C." (Pastor's Conversation) plan would be a blessing to our kids with the chance for a glorious productive successful future. It's worth a prayer!

I have such a great regard and admiration for the thousands and thousands of black American men and women who were too intelligent to listen to Democrats telling them they were a lost cause. These men and women are a thumb in the eye for the liberals' racism lie. (Political Ploy)

President Trump's words -- "We will always be one nation under God" -- "We will never be a socialist country." (President Trump would endorse my "P.C." Plan.) President Trump defends the right to life for the unborn. This makes him a great man, compared to those who don't.

God bless America and President Trump. God bless our school children!

P.S.: Have you noticed how often you are able to determine whether a gathering is liberal or conservative using only your eyeballs?

P.P.S.: I wrote this on Sunday 9-1. On Monday 9-2 Mr. Cherry's letter was run. God did it again!

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Editorial on 09/08/2019

Print Headline: Sunday's Letters to the Editor

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