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The flag in front of The Sentinel-Record office was stolen last weekend. Stolen may be inaccurate, I guess someone could have borrowed the flag off our flagpole without asking. Either way we had to replace it and now we have a new flag flying in front of the building.

This episode got me wondering about all of the other unusual things in life that we have to replace when either they are "borrowed," lost or wear out. For instance, guy's belts are that way. Some guys won't buy a new belt even when the old one gets to be too small. They will just take an ice pick and create some extension holes in the current belt and keep right on rolling.

Combs and hair brushes strike me as also falling into this category. I can't remember the last time I bought a new comb. If I'm not mistaken the black plastic one I'm currently using has been with me for about a quarter of a century. I don't believe the same principle applies to my wife and daughters. I think they resupply their hair tending products possibly two or three times a year but I could be mistaken.

Scissors are another item that I don't think gets replaced too regularly. In my home, we have used the same shiny, silver scissors for a good decade or more. Once we thought we had lost them for a couple of months but they eventually turned up in a kitchen drawer that we rarely opened. Thank goodness, we wouldn't want to have to unnecessarily replace perfectly good scissors.

I think we have had the same shovel and hoe for our entire marriage. These two tools were even passed down from my wife's parents so they are on their second go-round as a family heirloom. We only use them about once a year so all in all they have a pretty easy gig.

When we lived in Delaware we didn't own a snow shovel. After the first 16 inches of snow fell we realized we had to invest in one right away. We haven't lived in a place with a high propensity for snow for well over a decade but we still have the snow shovel. It has traveled with us through four homes in that time and we just keep lugging it around with us. Can't get rid of it because there could come a time when we will get that arctic blizzard here in the Spa City and we would need to pull it out of mothballs and put it back in use.

Lastly, we come to my personal favorite, T-shirts. Everybody has that one T-shirt that they absolutely love and would never even consider getting rid of and the one that would be impossible to replace if it were lost. It could be a concert tee or an event tee or maybe a T-shirt from some athletic event they participated in and enjoy wearing on those lazy Saturday afternoons.

For me, I have a Stone Cold Steve Austin T-shirt that I got 20 years ago and is easily the favorite garment I own. The collar is frayed and it has a couple of bleach stains on it but it just feels like home when I wear it. I was a huge wrestling fan back in the day and can't ever imagine how I would replace the Austin T-shirt. Even if I could find the T-shirt today it wouldn't have all the living that has been built into mine.

I hope whoever "borrowed" our flag gets great enjoyment out of it. It was unusual coming to work and seeing the flagpole untied and nothing at the top. It did give me some perspective on appreciating the things that are right in front of us.

Like that pivotal 80s hairband Cinderella so passionately sang, "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone."

Today tell that loved one, who doesn't hear it enough, how much you appreciate them. Don't wait until they are gone to express what they mean to you. If they think you love a T-shirt more than them, you are doing something wrong.

Editorial on 09/08/2019

Print Headline: The flags of our favorites

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