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All-electric questions

Dear editor:

There is definitely a mad rush by the politicians, ecologists and the auto industry to switch to all-electric cars. Electric cars require large lithium-ion batteries to be charged either at home, work or charging stations. Replacing gas stations throughout the country will be an enormous expense. Roads and highways are presently built and maintained by gasoline and diesel fuel taxes, both state and federal. What replacement taxes would have to be enacted to maintain our highway systems?

Of much greater concern is how do we provide the electric power to charge all these batteries? Maybe we could have a windmill in every yard and solar-paneled roofs. We would have to increase the amount of power we receive from electric companies. The purpose of converting to environmentally nonpolluting electric cars would be defeated if we had to use more fossil fuels to generate the large demand for electricity.

I am an avid supporter of wind, solar, hydroelectric and tidal electric power generation. Only solar and nuclear energy have the capability of generating the electric power needed to support the world demands for electricity. Nuclear power generation is the only viable and effective source of generating the world's demands. Nuclear power plants have the lowest human casualty rates of any other form of power generation. New technology has solved the past problems of disposal of radioactive waste and nuclear plant melt-downs.

We already have the answer to our ecological and cost-saving needs for the automobile and trucks. It's been proven for many years with the introduction of the Toyota Prius and other hybrid vehicles. A small gasoline engine to recharge the battery presently raises gasoline mileage to over 50 miles per gallon; more than double standard internal combustion cars. Improvements will continue to increase efficiency.

Jack McKinney

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 09/10/2019

Print Headline: Tuesday's Letter to the Editor

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