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Matter of trust

Dear editor:

I read all the letters this Sunday morning (Sept. 1) both opposing and advocating the $8.5 million "Home Run for Hot Springs" fields project. One in particular stuck out and made me think back to the previous week's article concerning the "Other Majestic," the burned-out shell of a hotel that's been vacant for over a decade now, downtown.

As the writer pointed out last week, the city spent over $2 million alone just in the clean up of the site. So now it's been revealed Grand Point Investment Group actually gave the city, along with their offer, a check for $2.1 million, up front. And yet Bill Burrough and the board of directors choose to sit back, evaluate, and probably commission more independent studies and hire more out-of-town consulting firms, all on the taxpayer dime, when the money not only to recoup, but to have someone make a long-term investment of a true luxury hotel downtown, was staring them right in the face.

I had thought with the dismissal of David Frasher our city government might improve, but it's the same ole' system. Thanks for the wonderful reporting. It looks as though the investment group will now pull out, taking their offer off the table. You don't play a game of chicken with public money versus private; you'll lose every time. But that's of no concern to Burrough or our board of directors because it's not their money being wasted -- it belongs to us, the taxpayers, who they hold in little or no regard.

So no, any time an issue comes up where I have a right to vote to either extend an existing tax or begin a new one, I'm not trusting any of these buffoons with a single cent of my money. They don't ever seem to have coherent short- or long-term plans, and frankly, I'm done trusting them with my money. I'm looking at moving into the county and can guarantee I'm making a concerted effort to not purchase prepared food or beverages in the city limits that I'm paying a ridiculous 3 cents on every dollar extra for.

Semper Fi.

Gunnery Sgt. Ron Collins, USMC retired

Hot Springs

Editorial on 09/11/2019

Print Headline: Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

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