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Effort: the equalizer

Dear editor:

I listen every day for all of the free stuff I can get by simply voting for a Democrat.

Several writers and readers of this paper fall into this camp of "Free, Free, Free, Free, Free." My, how times have changed! We previously taught self-responsibility, hard work, honesty, and accountability as standards to achieve success. The Democratic Party used to stand for this. Now we teach our youth and young people to look for excuses as to why they are not successful. We force our young to believe there is an underlying wrong that prevents them from being successful. We teach them principles, such as equality, which actually means that everyone should be equal. We don't teach them that effort is a separator in itself. Instead, we teach them that bias is the separator. I could almost guarantee you that the practice of giving a trophy to every child was created by a socialist. Success and effort in order to achieve separate winners and losers. Lord knows we cannot call anyone a loser. Especially when they lose! We might hurt their feelings! Required effort separates by itself. We don't teach that effort is its own reward. Personal satisfaction and pride are developed through working toward a goal and accomplishing that goal. We teach everyone is the same! Shocker, we are not!

If you do not think our country has a problem, look behind Bernie Sanders at his rallies. The majority of the faces are young people voting for their first or second time. Free college tuition, elimination of student debt, welfare for all, and free health care are all products of creating victims of our youths. Their perceived wrongs are driving this machine to destroy our nation as we know it. Many of these young people have never had to excel at anything to be rewarded. Why should they? "Free, Free, Free, Free, Free" is all they hear. From the first time they compete, they don't hear that hard work, effort, drive, pride and focus will give them the satisfaction of knowing they can all be winners. No, you are not equal, but you have an equal chance to excel through effort. How much effort is required for "Free"? Just remember "someone's free" is someone else's tax. Most of these young people have not had the opportunity to pay taxes long enough and see the abuses in our system. Hopefully, they will wake up at some point in life, but I am afraid it will be too late for our country.

Edward K. "Rick" Cherry

Hot Springs

Comforting thoughts

Dear editor:

Well, at last! I feel so much better!

The newspaper printed two letters that should put everybody's mind at ease.

Here I was, very concerned about America's (and, truthfully, the world's) uncaring attitude toward the degradation of the environment. I have watched fearfully as the present administration has attacked, and revoked where possible, the safeguards that attempt to preserve a fragile balance between human activity and the conservation of our resources, with the pollution of our air and water an overriding concern.

It does not require a crystal ball for us to look into the future, given the downhill slide we are on right now. If we use up the earth's resources, and pollute the air and water in the process, our grandchildren's grandchildren will be up the creek -- and that creek will not be clean enough to drink from, or even navigable.

So where is the concern in Congress? Does the White House care? What is the emphasis in Little Rock and in most of the state capitals? Do our churches teach stewardship of our natural resources?

One recent letter tells me that I should be concerned about the economy first. We have made such great strides, etc. My answer to this approach is to urge those who put the dollar first to save a lot of money in the bank. Perhaps our descendants can learn how to make a salad of those paper bills, when there is no food supply left. I don't know what they will wash it down with. But I guess it is good that our economy is robust now. That makes me feel a little better.

A second reassuring letter helps so much in the area of our knowledge of God and His purposes. The writer holds that we can't possibly understand His intentions. But it must be His will, because it happened -- whether we are talking about elections or the usurpation of power by dictators who murder millions of innocent people. Maybe the writer does not believe that the Holocaust is a fact of history.

If Trump is reelected in November, it can be considered to be God's will. But only in the sense that He let it happen. We who are charged with using our heads and our hearts are really the ones who will be held responsible.

C.G. Smith

Hot Springs

Editorial on 02/06/2020

Print Headline: Thursday's Letters to the editor

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