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Here we go again, again

Dear editor:

First of all, I want to thank Steve Rittenmeyer for giving me a new title, "Tea Party serial letter writer." I will wear that as a Badge of Courage and Honor. Somebody has to ask the simple, obvious questions that the left never answers but just counterattacks with their talking points and accusations. Positions which the mainstream media never, ever scrutinize as they do anything on the Right.

Saul Alinsky taught in his "Rules for Radicals" to "look in the mirror and whatever you see, blame your opponent." Oh, how well the left all seem to follow this advice and directive.

As an example of following Alinsky, the left accuses Trump of a "quid pro quo" over a telephone call that doesn't have a "tit for tat" in it but then denies that Biden's own words, "fire him or you don't get a billion dollars" is a threat. To them, that isn't a black and white "quid pro quo." Steve says this is a statement taken out of context. What context?

You then trot out the nonsense that this accusation is without evidence and has been thoroughly investigated and debunked. No evidence? Biden's own bragging about how he intimidated Ukraine by threatening to withhold a billion dollars and got the prosecutor looking into Burisma (and therefore his son) fired, is the best and simplest evidence. Any prosecutor, in any civil or criminal case, would love to have that type of evidence. And it's on videotape for all to see.

Oh, and thoroughly investigated by respectable news agencies! By whom? MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post and others who hate Donald Trump and have a left-wing prejudice and agenda? Their exoneration of Biden is meaningless. My hope is that a Senate committee actually looks into this and gets real testimony and facts. If Biden is innocent, I will be the first to admit I'm wrong and say so and write so. But will you be honest enough to admit you're wrong if the facts prove otherwise? I also go back to the original question from my letter, which you never answered. If these allegations against Biden and Hunter were proven to be true, wouldn't you have wanted to know that before choosing him as your Democratic candidate to run for the presidency or to be your candidate for the presidency?

Those of us in the Tea Party and the majority of Americans are now on the right only because you all have moved so far to the left. In the old days, we would have been considered centrists, desiring that America remain a constitutional republic with our rights given to us by our Creator and beautifully written out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We don't wish to fundamentally change America and we surely don't want the socialistic type programs and giveaways that the "new" Democratic Party and its presidential candidates are all proposing.

Jack Sternberg, MD

Hot Springs

Who are the Democrats?

Dear editor:

What is the identity of the Democratic Party?

Is it the party of Hillary and Joe Biden, where self-dealing, money-grubbing, dishonest, conniving, old school Democrats use the working class to support their lifestyles? Is it the party of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Adam Schiff, who are power-hungry and are willing to lie and spread malicious and scandalous accusations in their hopes that the misinformed and uninformed working class will follow them like Pied Pipers over a cliff? Is it the party of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who mislead (misinformed and uninformed) working-class folks with nonfunctional dreams of pure socialism of free this and free that -- just so they can tax the entire country into ruin? Is it the party of Mike Bloomberg who wants to establish his own Sheikhdom? Bloomberg, I fear, is so out of touch with the reality of common life that he is unable to identify with the rest of us -- except to tell us, like an overbearing parent, what size soft drink we can enjoy.

Not a single one of these Democrat/liberal/socialist candidates believe that the American people are smart enough to know what is good about living in America and sharing in its wealth. They do not even believe that the average American citizen is smart enough to even elect the next president. As a part of socialism, which will destroy the golden egg (capitalism) that funds this great country and its various entitlement programs, they want to strip you of honest elections, the right to free speech, the right to own a gun, and the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness -- and force you to live within their rules -- all the while taxing you to the breaking point as they "buy" their elections.

John Grillo

Hot Springs

Editorial on 02/11/2020

Print Headline: Tuesday's Letters to the editor

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