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Tuesday's Letters to the editor

January 7, 2020 at 3:00 a.m.
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Why support Trump?

Dear editor:

Casey Alexander asks, "to Christians who still support Trump, at what point would you like to see a modicum of repentance, humility, grace, asking of forgiveness, and commitment to becoming a better Christian person and human being moving forward?"

The answer obviously is ASAP. That's what I would want from someone joining my church and who had placed himself under church authority. Someone who claimed to be a "born again Christian," which Trump has not. I'm not sure that I require these traits from my president who has to face the real world of non-believers who are very evil. Do you want to have a Sermon on the Mount type of president who turns the other cheek when America is confronted with evil or attacked? We had just that type of president and I remember even voting for him. His name was Jimmy Carter. Iran and the Soviet Union really enjoyed him. I regret my vote to this day.

But that led to another unconventional president, Ronald Reagan. He was one who spoke his mind and understood the realities of the world and acted on his beliefs leading to the Soviet Union's dissolution and the 1980s' booming economy. He was more polished than Trump, but I believe there were many similarities. The media also hated Reagan and thought he was a fool. His own advisers frequently disagreed with his vision, but he prevailed, and time proved him right.

Victor Hanson recently wrote about a great man who the establishment disliked, hated and called a fool but who saved the day, Gen. George Patton. He was unconventional and could be aggressive, rash and crude. But he was successful when faced with an overwhelming problem. I believe he was comparing him to President Trump.

Life is messy. The real world is wicked. We all have choices every day that affect our lives, for the better or worse and that includes who we choose for our president.

Since the majority of Evangelical Christians voted and still support Trump, the question is why? I believe the simple answer is that we care more about his actions than we do his personality and his personal failings. He stands for Christian values (even if he falls short) such as pro-life, pro-religious liberty, the unalienable rights given to us by our creator and he is unapologetically pro-America. His economic policies have and are succeeding as are his international policies. When we listen to all the Democrat presidential candidates and how they want to rid America of its Judeo-Christian values and turn successful capitalism into a socialistic disaster, there is no choice but Trump.

He is our blue-collar billionaire. He speaks our language and we love his commonsense approach to problems. Many identify with his imperfections. We love his vision for America. That's why half of America and even Evangelical Christians support him. And you will be surprised how many more will vote for him in November 2020. So, dear God, we deplorable patriots thank you for choosing Donald Trump.

Jack Sternberg, M.D.

Hot Springs

Full of surprises

Dear editor:

God is full of surprises and no one can outdo him. Never underestimate Him!

On Dec. 29, Mr. Vogt wrote that God works in mysterious ways, but left off the last four important words to that famous quote: "His wonders to perform."

Then, on the same date, Mr. Griffith wrote that "people voted for Trump because they had no choice."

Like I said, "God put Donald Trump in the White House!"

Who but God could pull that off?

Donald was on the stage with (19?) seasoned politicians, calling everyone names, acting every way but presidential, but guess what? He won! Hillary had it wrapped up with help from who knows who, but guess what? Donald won!

Never underestimate God! Five more years!

God bless America. God bless President Trump, and God bless Mr. Griffith for his exposure of the money-hungry Clintons. Thank you!

P.S.: Mayor Pete just said that he and his husband want to start a family in the White House -- I know what God says about that -- and Acts 5:29 says that we should obey God rather than man. Amen!

Thanks go to all who thank me for writing!

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

A lesson from Hot Springs

Dear editor:

Sunday's state paper contained an article that began "State officials recommend sending $8.8 million to 14 entities for repairing levees damaged by Arkansas River flooding last spring."

I would suggest these state officials take a cue from Hot Springs government before spending that $8.8 million on those levees, particularly inquiring of our city board of directors that currently consists of Elaine Jones, Carrol Weatherford, Randy Fale, Becca Clark, Erin Holliday, and Karen Garcia.

Why in the world would the state consider spending $8.8 million on levees when for only $8.5 million they could build five baseball fields? Does that make any sense? Or for that matter, if one looked at last week's article in this paper, the state could build almost two new water towers for just under $9 million.

These state officials need to take a cue from the Hot Springs board of directors: Why spend money on frivolous things like flood control? Around here, we don't worry about flood abatement, driveable or well-marked city streets, silly things like that. The state would be well served to take a lesson from Hot Springs city government.

Noah Little

Hot Springs

Editorial on 01/07/2020

Print Headline: Tuesday's Letters to the editor


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