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Thursday's Letters to the editor

January 9, 2020 at 3:00 a.m.
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When the shoe fits

Dear editor:

Once again the MSM has tried to elevate the stature of killer who has over the years has been responsible for torturing, maiming and killing thousands of people some of which were members of our military. Some liberal fake news outlets called him revered, some said he was a brilliant general, on and on ad nauseam. We remember they called Baghdadi an austere religious scholar. They have a purpose, of course, trying to convince weak-minded people that he's, if not a real bad guy, maybe not as bad as our president.

The Democrats have always been about hate, getting somebody to hate somebody has been their M.O. forever because there are always people who will join them in whatever or whoever they hate this week.

Donald Trump is not a saint or an angel. I have no idea if he was picked by God. I try to talk about things I know and I cannot know that for sure. I do know many of the people that did vote for him were disparaged by Obama when he said they cling to their Bibles and their guns. In his own way, he was calling them deplorable and many of those God-fearing, churchgoing people did not like either his or Hillary's remark. They also were separating themselves from a party that in the last few years has turned its back on God. That began many years ago when they threw their lot in with the devil by supporting the killing of unborn children.

How much contempt must the MSM have for the people they aim these comments at? Those whose intelligence must be so low that they would even put Trump, Soleimani and Baghdadi in the same room on the scale of evil and yet I'm sure there are those weak-minded people out there reading these words for who the shoe fits.

Maybe in ways I cannot possibly comprehend God actually did pick Trump.

Larry Bauer

Hot Springs Village

Blue-collar Trump

Dear editor:

As someone who has done quite a bit of blue-collar work in his lifetime, I am offended by Dr. Jack anointing Mr. Trump as "Our blue-collar billionaire." I would be willing to wager "The Donald" has never worked a blue-collar job in his pampered life. He does know how to hire and fire them, usually on a whim with no remorse. He also knows how to lie to them so often they actually believe him. Despite his, yours and many others' best efforts, there are many of us that refuse to drink the Kool-Aid.

By the way, Jack, being an M.D. is an honorable profession but not one usually identified as blue-collar.

Gary Vogt

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 01/09/2020

Print Headline: Thursday's Letters to the editor


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