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Saturday's Letters to the editor

January 11, 2020 at 3:00 a.m.
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'Speech after long silence'

Dear editor:

Like acolytes emerging from the wings to cluster around a Disney extravaganza, the generals and cronies, along with the High Priest, in pensive mode, solemnly marched out 27 minutes after the hour to provide a living chevron for The Great One. Then, the double doors opened inwards to allow a curtain of light to frame him as he shambled forward towards the microphone, resembling nothing so much as an aging, poorly trained bear, tired and cranky.

Wait. Another resemblance comes to mind. Charmin's papa bear needing the "go" and annoyed at the interruption.

So, our vaunted leader appeared and proceeded to lie and bluster for 10 empty minutes.

For example, he said the U.S. gave Iran billions of dollars. Lie. The money was Iran's money held in U.S. bank accounts since 1980. It was funds returned, not given. He said Iran had failed to live up to the nuclear arms deal. Lie. The overwhelming consensus of inspectors/observers is that Iran had stopped enriching uranium and had destroyed much equipment including two-thirds of the centrifuges critical to enrichment. He leaked vague threats and spewed irrelevant references to so-called Obama administration failures which he, of course, would correct. Deals, however, were not much in evidence. He claimed credit for our country's near-approach to energy independence (not complete independence, as he asserted). Lie. The Obama administration had come close before his inauguration.

Veiled threats of war there were in plenty and the boast that U.S. military expenditures were over $2 trillion during his term in office. Of course, they were. Multiply the Pentagon's yearly budget of $700 billion by three and you get something over $2 trillion. Simple math trumpeted by Trump.

And where was the great deal maker? Nowhere in evidence. Only the bully shaking his empty fist at an enemy gearing up for round two of the fight and amused by the palooka shadow boxing in the opposite corner.

("Speech after long silence" -- See Yeats' poem.)

Stuart Jay Silverman

Hot Springs

Getting the Real ID

Dear editor:

You will have to type Real ID into the search box at, then click on the REAL ID link, to get the information, and a quiz, for the new REAL ID that takes effect Oct. 1.

Despite what we're being led -- or misled -- to believe in the media, you can still use your regular driver's license to board a domestic flight or enter a federal building, but it will require two additional pieces of identification, such as a passport, etc.

This link will take you to a quiz that will show a list of documents in different categories and you click on ones that you have. At the end of it, you'll be shown which documents you need to bring with you and you can even preregister to expedite the process at the licensing office. And married women who've changed your names, you will need a marriage license and if you've married more than once, both marriage licenses. Men don't have that problem.

All documents must have your full legal name as shown on your birth certificate which should also match your Social Security card, etc. You cannot have Judy on one item you bring when your full legal name is Judith for example, nor can you use a middle initial in lieu of the full middle name. I'd suggest getting stuff corrected now. I suspect they may require this new enhanced license to vote this year so be prepared for the October surprise.

Judith Zitko

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 01/11/2020

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