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I have managed over 400 moves in the five years since I started my second company, Your Best Move LLC. Before that, I owned a professional organizing consulting company and helped hundreds of people who were downsizing for various reasons. I've seen what works and what does not.

Two mistakes to avoid

1. Last-minute emergency moves. Sometimes there is no choice. However, the minute you start considering health, social, family, more golf time, or any other reason to move -- that is when you should begin the process. Edit your things, figure out who gets your stuff, stop buying in bulk, and pay close attention to others who are jumping into the downsize and move world. Learn from them. You control the move, not the other way around.

2. Buying furniture online. Not knocking Wayfair and others, but we seriously see this problem all the time. People are moving and want smaller/different stuff, often in a rush. They don't like to shop and pay for delivery, so succumb to the siren song of easy online buying. The front end is lovely. Then reality sets in. In just the past year I have seen:

1. Big items arrive broken, and returning takes some effort (like getting it all back into the box).

2. Things that appear to be the perfect color/size online or in a catalog are way off, and wreck your décor plans (then see No. 1).

3. Check the finest print for "assembly required." Unless you know someone extremely handy, this could mean hiring help to put all those pieces together with instructions not necessarily in a language you recognize. There is a time and financial cost.

Instead, try the many used and new furniture stores in the area with great bargains on fully assembled high-quality pieces. Safety precautions are taken at stores during this time of pandemic.

Contact Your Best Move for more tips about relocation. We provide strong arms, warm hearts, and peace of mind.

Call Becca Clark, owner and president of Your Best Move LLC at 501-620-0546; email [email protected]; or visit or Your Best Move on Facebook.

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