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Simple terms

Dear editor:

Governance: Explained in simple terms.

Choose 1-5: If you chose any other number than 4 (capitalism), please leave the United States of America, as there are many other countries that administer your preferred choice of lifestyle. Please go there.

1. Socialist/socialism -- You have two cows. The government takes one of yours and gives it to someone who doesn't have one, because they lost one, because it died from neglect, or they ate it, or for any number of reasons. If, by chance, you do get another cow, they will keep taking anything extra to pass it on to someone else. They will remind you that they know better than you do about what you should have available to you and yours, and your family sacrificing for the collective is better for all. Besides, you will have security in the promise that your children will always have bread, if nothing else, provided by the government. And maybe, if your child becomes a wise Marxist/socialist, and if the hierarchy hasn't already chosen someone else, he or she (your child) may have the opportunity to join the government and be able to eat meat, bread, and wine, and lacking moral character, they will not mind doing whatever they have to do to keep their post. They will be just fine and justified in oppressing the rest of society for the greater good. After all, it is for the greater good of government.

2. Communist/communism -- You have two cows. The government takes both by force and distributes them as they see fit. You are at the mercy of the state, which is godless and without mercy; you are not free, but slaves to government.

3. Fascist/fascism -- You have two cows. The government takes both cows. They (the top 1%) keep what they want and sell you the remnants of milk and meat (byproducts) etc., which they control. Obviously, the remnants are not the best parts.

4. Capitalist/capitalism -- You have two cows. The government lets you sell one cow and buy a bull, to make more cows and bulls. They then expect you to give them a part of your profits forever. Now, this might not sound great, but you are not limited on the number of cows or bulls you can own. You are only limited by your potential and your ability to manage your affairs. Capitalism also allows you to feed your family and give them the best lifestyle you can afford. Your family can be left better off with each passing generation through the transfer of assets from one generation to the next. It also gives you the opportunity to vote people out that would infringe on your God-given rights, and vote people in who will protect the innumerable freedoms and rights we all hold dear.

5. Anarchists/anarchism -- You have two cows. The anarchist kills both cows, and you and your family and everyone starves to death.

Keeping it real.

Elizabeth Echols

Hot Springs

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