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The fourth "H" in 4-H stands for health. In 4-H, we pledge our health to better living, for our club, community, country, and world. What a better way to practice that while making healthy fresh fruit Popsicles?

There is nothing kids like eating more in the summertime than Popsicles. Unfortunately, a lot of the Popsicles we might purchase at the store are full of sugar and artificial flavoring. Too much sugar in our diets can be a bad thing.

If you are a parent struggling to get your children to eat their fruits and veggies, these real fruit Popsicles are a great way to get some additional fruit in! It is a refreshing snack for these hot summer afternoons, as well.

You can use just about any fruit for these Popsicles, but I recommend using two kiwis, two peaches, five strawberries, and half a cup of blueberries, as these fruits best complement each other well. You will also need two 16-ounce bottles of flavored water and Popsicle molds to make six Popsicles. A teaspoon or two of sugar to taste is optional.

Instead of flavored water you can also use water enhancer or juice. Clear juice options are apple juice, cranberry juice or lemonade, but be sure to read the labels, as you could defeat the purpose of making healthy Popsicles by adding a sugary drink. You can adjust the fruit and make it all one fruit or mix with different fruit options, as well.

To create the Popsicles, start by cutting the kiwi and strawberries into small slices. Cut the peaches into bite-sized pieces. As an extra caution for young children, ensure the fruit slices are cut small enough for them to not pose a choking hazard. Add the fruit into the Popsicle molds until each one is filled, making sure to leave about half an inch from the top.

Next, pour the flavored water into each Popsicle mold filling until it reaches about half an inch from the top. Then place the top of your Popsicle stick mold on and place in the freezer until frozen. Leave the Popsicles in the freezer approximately four to five hours or overnight. This will teach your children why it is important to be patient!

If you are having trouble getting the Popsicles out of the mold, let them sit out for a bit to melt and then gently squeeze from the bottom of the mold. You can also run a little bit of hot water over them.

Now all there is left to do is enjoy your healthy fresh fruit Popsicles!

4-H information

There are several 4-H Clubs for Garland County youths who are 5 to 19 years old. For more information on all the fun 4-H activities that are available for our youths, call Carol Ann McAfee at the Extension office, 623-6841, or email her at [email protected]

Master Gardener information

Master Gardener meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at the Elks Lodge. They're open to the public and guests are welcome. For more information, call the Extension Office at 623-6841 or email Alex Dykes at [email protected]

EHC information

Are you interested in joining an existing Extension Homemakers Club? EHC is the largest volunteer organization in the state. For information on EHC contact Alison Crane on 623-6841 or email her at [email protected]

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