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Tuesday's Letters to the editor

June 30, 2020 at 4:00 a.m.
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Prefers a mover, shaker

Dear editor:

While I appreciate that there are voters who absolutely detest President Trump's style more than they dislike his policies, there are voters who appreciate his policies, especially his appreciation of the sacrifices of those in the military. This is a perfect contrast to President Obama's reaction to a request to deal with veterans coming back from the Mideast when he said he couldn't understand their "whining" because they were "a volunteer force." That patronizing attitude perfectly captures why we wanted a change from the arrogant elitist actions of those in political power. We are fed up with those politicians who may have perfect manners, but who are very willing to vote to send our family members in the military to war.

President Trump is treated as if he is the skunk at the garden party of those whose behavior is more acceptable in civilized society. I prefer the skunk with an abrasive manner to those who present one persona in public and another persona in private. He probably could be compared to another skunk at the garden party by the name of Gen. George Patton who saved the Americans' bacon at Bastogne in December 1944. General Patton also once said, "If everybody thinks alike, somebody isn't thinking."

Those of us who have worked in fast-moving demanding areas recognize that President Trump is a mover and a shaker and the reason we voted for him was to fix things in D.C. He walked into a cesspool of corruption and has had to deal with a constantly poisonous media that doesn't always present an entirely unedited version of events. One proof of that is that none were worried about masks, social distancing, etc. while the protests were going on, but suddenly COVID-19 was front and center again when President Trump went to Oklahoma. I firmly believe that much of the D.C. opposition to his policies is that of the establishment politicians and their families whose access to the gravy train is now limited. In fact, we now have a speaker of the House who has never held a job outside the political sphere and behaves as if she is co-president. There are politicians who have been in Congress for decades but have acquired possibly only two years' experience in three, four or five decades in office. It is all so comfortable they can't be bothered to do the right thing for the country or even to be honest with their constituents. It is just so hard for them to work on and pass clean bills without adding their favorite wish lists. That is another reason we voted for the braggart president. There isn't another one in either party who could have withstood the incessant barrage of criticism without any critic presenting viable solutions to any of the problems.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion and the opportunity to hear opinions with which I may disagree.

Janet Riccio

Hot Springs

Supports instructor

Dear editor:

I do not agree with National Park College concerning Paula Ford. I had her for one of my classes and she was always respectful to all students. She always tried to stimulate the brains of the students so they could learn to think out of the box and not follow the leader but be the leader. It would be a privilege to study under her again and I got my money's worth in her class.

People who want to attend NPC need to be aware of the "hidden charges" that the college charged me while I attained. It got so bad that the Arkansas Legislative Audit was notified. The college kept my money and did not refund me the "hidden charges," which was not right.

Celia Emmett

Hot Springs


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