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Stronger than C

Dear editor:

Right now, we're all overwhelmed with words that begin with C:

• Coronavirus

• COVID-19

• Crisis

• Catastrophe

• Confusion

But we at Cooperative Christian Ministries and Clinic want to remind you of other words beginning with C that are much stronger:

• Compassion

• Courage

• Calm

• Caring

• Community

Christ invites us to come to him if we're weary - and right now, so many are weary -- to receive rest and peace. We also recognize that we have been called to action. Called to a greater love that regards every person - as an image bearer of God - through the lenses of dignity, respect, and worth. We must come together as a compassionate, courageous, calm, and caring community.

CCMC needs your support as we fulfill our mission to maximize community resources to reduce poverty. We are making every effort to provide current resource information to help those we serve and those they love, so please keep checking in with us for updates. Now, more than ever, we can be stronger than these challenging times, serving one another and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Oh ... and wash your hands!

Kim Carter

CCMC executive director

A civic responsibility

Dear editor:

I was very disheartened to open this morning's paper to see the state has abandoned us in seeking a tenant for the ACTI building (Old Army/Navy Hospital). Ownership now goes back to the government, which most likely means they will put a fence around it and let it slowly deteriorate like they did to the veterans hospital in Little Rock, which is now an eyesore.

Since the possibility our two Arkansas senators will do nothing to help us, we citizens must take matters in our own hands if we want to save this iconic Landmark that towers over our beautiful city.

Working with all of the Chamber of Commerce and civic organizations in the area, we could start a fund to support the improvements to make the complex attractive to a buy or lease. That amount is in the millions but could be achieved.

Consider that every person living in Garland County could donate $10/month, for two years, we could come very close to that amount if we also include the local banks to give us a bridge loan to make the final figure and secure a tenant to have enough to make that possible.

Let's assume that out of the 90,000 plus citizens on the county and only one-third would and could contribute, that would still amount to $7,200,000. Enough to keep the heat and air working and a big chunk of upgrading the complex to code and in condition to attract a potential tenant.

Interested parties could come from a diverse list of possibilities.

Amazon or other companies that need another distribution center, Police Training Academy, a retirement facility, an "Ellis Island" type immigration destination for vetting new arrivals (leased to the government), a dental collage, an international school of art. A giant museum of antiquities historical papers, books, cars, weapons, portraits, A mental health and addiction center, etc.

These a just a few off the top of my head, but I am sure there are other and better Ideas this building could attract companies wanting a facility right in the middle of a beautiful, historic, thriving, year-round, pleasant climate, entertainment, lakes, restaurants, bike trails, mountains, a National Park city and located in the middle of the country!

The Chamber of Commerce could lead the charge with the assistance of local civic organizations, banks and commercial investors. But time is not on our side, so we need to get a group of interested, committed people to get the ball rolling before this landmark is a memory.

R. Bruce Smith

Hot Springs

Coronavirus cure

Dear editor:

I know many in the Hot Springs community are concerned about the coronavirus particularly since no vaccine nor cure is currently available!

However, I am happy to report I have been asked to participate in a test program sanctioned by the government of Mexico. The pilot program entails the purchase of a 12 pack of Corona beer brewed since the first of November and in glass bottles. The treatment program requires the subject (Me, in this case) to take two bottles of Corona every other evening one and a half hours apart. In my situation beer makes me sleepy, so I set my Chinese made clock to wake me up which it did not. Thank God for my wife as my backup who woke me in time. Apparently, the Chinese made clock is incapable of telling the truth, who would guess?

A second suggestion to prevent the disease came from the minority leader in the Senate, Charles (Chucky) Schumer who stated with absolute certainty that not inhaling would prevent those who master the technique from becoming ill. This suggestion met with considerable enthusiasm from both sides of the isle and the esteemed Senator was asked demonstrate on the floor of the senate. He, however, declined since this test was not authorized by the CDC. President Trump immediately issued a wavier letter contingent on witnessing the test and participation my Speaker Pelosi. Speaker Pelosi declined citing an unfair advantage from holding her breath for long periods time due to fecal and smelly conditions in her home city.

Sens. McConnel, Cotton and Lee offered encouragement to Sen. Schumer to step up and shut up, since whatever the results the country would benefit. We can only hope the test will commence soon.

Dennis L. Bosch

Hot Springs

Christianity declining

Dear editor:

Christianity is declining in the US and worldwide and has been for 60 years. The traditional roll and hold on Americans was in the 1950. This was before enlightenment and churches had a captive audience. Church activities were the center of family and a break from working on the farm or factory six days a week.

Today the younger generation has unlimited information. They no longer believe that the Earth is 10,000 years old and humans have been here only 6,000 years. Polls show that 40% of the current population believes this influenced by ministers taking things literally from the Bible. The young no longer accept these Old Testament accounts that theological research shows to be mythology.

The dogmatic adherence that the Bible is inerrant identifies the misinformed and their failure to see the destructiveness of this claim. It causes divisiveness within and between churches. Today there are 6,222 protestant denominations and 400,000 ministers saying they are called by God and all are saying different things. Instead of finding common ground they are fragmented and pulling apart. This has Christianity in a declining death spiral. The best data indicates that Christianity will be gone by 2060.

Research shows that the alt right is the main contributor. Fundamental evangelicals said the liberal denominations were on the wrong track. The fundamental conservative approach has accelerated this decline. When Christians are subjected to religious quacks they run the other way.

Churches are closing. The Southern Baptist once the biggest has lost 2 million members and other Protestant churches have lost 5 million. Some churches now have circuit preachers. Ten percent of those under 35 years old left because they had been sexually abused in the church and the churches covered it up and refused to deal with it.

As individualism increases "more Americans will disassociate from religion -- not just in affiliation but in participation, religiosity" (strong religious feelings and belief). The America of the future, if these trends hold, will be unchurched, unmarried, and unprejudiced." (Jean M Twenge Ph. D.)

Ministers speak of a new national revival that will bring churches back to the power and influence of the last millennium. This will not happen. Efforts are not made to correct the problem. Prayer over the past 60 years has not changed this trend and mindset of the churches and their members. Praying is a failure to accept responsibility to make changes. Changes require the action of people, not divine intervention. But ministers and churches will not change and will continue their divisive actions. The young and Millennials are not interested in church and when the older generation is gone so is Christianity. Only the most myopic and naive cannot see this.

Jerry Wayne Davis

Hot Springs

Editorial on 03/22/2020

Print Headline: Sunday's Letters to the editor

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