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Lack of conservatism

Dear editor:

I would like to thank John Grillo for his excellent letter Thursday on how our nation's compass has become wayward. I agree. Grillo pointed out how "conservative beliefs have been scoffed at and disregarded." How true, from both an ethical and financial point of view. We have a president in office who has been married three times, caught on tape bragging about groping women's genitalia and getting away with it, and has run up our national debt over $6 trillion in less than four years. So that absolutely points out a lack of conservatism, both morally and economically.

John also notes the Golden Rule -- 'We were raised, and we have lived our lives, treating others as we would like to be treated." Outstanding point about a commander in chief who, as of January 2020, had been verified to have made 16,241 documented lies and who has used his public office time and again to financially enrich himself and his family. And when not lying, cannot help but insult, belittle and demean others. Clearly a violation of the Golden Rule.

John also points out how "We now understand there is a great swamp in Washington, D.C., to be drained." That effort is underway. From Gates to Manafort to Flynn, five persons involved in the current Trump administration Cabinet, campaign, or advisory capacity have been found guilty of various crimes, and according to The Washington Post, at least 11 others are under current investigation or in the midst of criminal proceedings.

Finally, John also points out that the American people have "pride in our ability to earn money, and enjoy nice lifestyles, and no one will be allowed to take that away from us." No doubt Mr. Grillo places specific emphasis on the "earn" part of our financial condition, so it must be particularly irksome to a conservative such as himself when our president, by an accounting done by Forbes, has spent over $133 million in taxpayer funds playing at his own golf resorts. Any conservative such as John would be naturally outraged at this abuse of his money.

So thank you for the letter, Mr. Grillo, it was clearly aimed at President Trump, but I did respect the fact that you were classy enough to not single him out by using his name. Thank you for noting his hypocrisy and wrongdoing and how it does not align with conservative and Christian values.

Noah Little

Hot Springs

Stuck in Stage 1

Dear editor:

Arkansans may have had the rug pulled out from under us without justification. We all felt a breath of fresh air as we entered Stage 1 of opening up this state. Then May 14th gave us a "gift." One-hundred thirty new cases of COVID-19. What! How did that happen? What caused that? Did we get sloppy as it seems the governor is suggesting?

I've asked the following question of Sen. Bill Sample and Rep. Richard McGrew and feel it is best to share the question with you.

"On May 14 there were another 130 cases reported. A few questions?

"Are all 130 sick with COVID-19?

"Are some or most or all of the 130 folks who tested positive but have recovered?

"Are some or most or all of the 130 folks who tested positive asymptomatic?

"These are important questions for which there aren't any answers publicly available. Please answer them for me."

Are we not entering Stages 2, 3, 4 due to more testing showing folks are truly ill or they aren't ill and we should progress to open?

Ray Lehman

Hot Springs Village

NPC partnership

Dear editor:

Evidently our local state-funded college, National Park College, is dipping its toe into the religious waters with Harding University, a private Church of Christ related school. A front-page Sentinel-Record story (May 8) trumpeted the new partnership between National Park College and Harding.

NPC will offer "Harding's Bible and Ministry Course," along with some other courses, as part of the partnership. Taxpayers may note that this is NPC's first partnership with a private, nonstate funded college.

Why was Harding University given a monopoly on access to NPC students? Were other four-year religious schools (think Ouachita, John Brown University, Lyons College, Hendrix) given an equal opportunity to partner with NPC? It is unlikely NPC students will be able to transfer their credit hours from the Harding Bible/Ministry Course to any of these four-year religious schools.

If NPC chooses to offer classes on Bible, ministry or religion, they should not be developed by, or affiliated with, a specific church denomination or doctrine. Such courses should be developed by NPC, and be taught by NPC instructors. Also, should a state-funded college be partnering with a private, religious school?

Gary Grogan

Hot Springs

Editorial on 05/19/2020

Print Headline: Tuesday's Letters to the editor

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