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Friendly reminder

Dear editor:

I just want to remind people to be safe this Memorial Day weekend. Don't drink and drive (car or boat). Don't let children use fireworks without supervision. Don't litter. Don't speed down the highways or streets.

Also, maybe this Memorial Weekend should be a quiet weekend to reflect on our heroes past and present. To reflect on our past, our present, and our future as a nation.

Nonetheless, God Bless our veterans, our families, our friends, our community, and our neighborhoods. Please be safe and God Bless us all.

Michael P. Lucas

Hot Springs

Trump defenders

Dear editor:

I often chuckle at the rationales of fellow letter writers who consistently attempt to defend Donald Trump. While I admire their dogged and blind devotion, it nonetheless befuddles me.

So I have a question for Larry Bauer, John Grillo, Dr. Sternberg, Lloyd Hoffman, and the other Trumpostles: Surely as much as they admire Trump as a president, leader, and savvy businessman, if they owned a business, would they let him run it?

Here's his hiring track record so far as president: Since inauguration, we are now on our fourth chief of staff and fifth deputy chief of staff. His vice president, Mike Pence, has gone through three of his own chiefs of staff. Trump has had six communication directors and four press secretaries. Three directors of Oval Office operations, four national security advisers, six deputy national security advisers, and four senior directors of intelligence for the National Security Council. He's on his second attorney general and second secretary of defense. All that's left is one partridge in a pear tree.

All told, less than 38% of Trump's original "A-Team" of top cabinet-level and administrative staff are still working for him today, according The Washington Post.

It doesn't take a doctor to realize Trump is incompetent. These people left or were fired for a few primary reasons: a number of them became embroiled in scandals, even criminal behavior, for which a significant number have been found guilty, or are under current indictment or investigation. A great many have likely left because they wouldn't become "Yes" men and resigned in disgust or were fired because they dared speak the truth. And a large percentage of them had no business in their posts in the first place, having been put there because of cronyism and donations to Trump's campaign, only to find they were so of their depth that even Trump had to tell them to hit the bricks.

So whatever the defenders of Trump still cling to, one thing that they cannot is that he's a competent and efficient commander in chief. The numbers simply don't bear it out.

Casey Alexander

Mount Ida

Letters red in tooth, claw

Dear editor:

When I worked at a small-town weekly 54 (gad!) years ago, editorial policy rejected letters personally attacking or tweaking other letter-writers. One had to be satisfied that stupidity (as one viewed it) was sufficient self-satire. I am evidently a fossil, as I do not consider it ethical for local print media to emulate the discordant excesses of social media, in particular as the emotions of individual citizens might be affected.

Tom Heckmann

Hot Springs

Editorial on 05/23/2020

Print Headline: Saturday's Letters to the editor

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