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An intentional crisis

Dear editor:

The economic crisis has been intentional. It was first caused by China and then amplified by the liberals in this country. I do not underestimate the severity of COVID-19. However, I am convinced that China has morphed from assertive to aggressive in their quest for world domination and the replacement of the United States as the preeminent superpower and economic leader of the world.

I believe China released the virus on purpose and then delayed to notify (and even misinformed) the world for weeks as it caused destruction first in Italy and then spread to other countries. Then, China downplayed the severity and even, by sheer control, forced the World Health Organization to delay facts and even produce false reporting. The liberal Democrats in the U.S. seized upon the notion of a pandemic to wreck the massive and impressive economic progress spawned by the Trump Administration. The efforts of the Democrats simply were to stop the positive momentum of our economy for the sole purpose of assisting the Democrats in their feeble attempt to win the presidential election of 2020. Neither the liberal Democrats nor China are our friends and they should be treated accordingly.

The actions of the Democrats and the D.C. Swamp has been to destroy and unseat a duly elected president of the United States. This is called a "coup" -- an effort to overthrow the will (through voting) of the people of the United States. It has included the wholesale abuse of power on many levels as well as the abuse of law. Those involved should be exposed, tried; and if convicted, hanged for treason.

The actions of China to destroy the economy of the United States should be met with an aggressive campaign to avoid, at all costs, the purchase of anything and everything manufactured in China -- even if it involves a single part to something manufactured elsewhere. The citizens of the United States should boycott every aspect of China for the sole purpose of ruining their economy just as they have ruined our economy.

John Grillo

Hot Springs

Editorial on 05/28/2020

Print Headline: Thursday's Letter to the editor

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