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Our pandemic

Dear editor:

We, the people of Garland County, of Arkansas, of this Earth, must help stop this killer at our door. Being without strong state support, the Garland County Health Department should step up and lead this fight for us. The local (and state) political/money section is only interested in tourism and tax collections (the city recently bragged how great their tax income is now) all the while drastically increasing numbers of people are sick and some dying!

Is contact tracing being done here and reported out? The large retail stores I am in seem to have good participation rates for mask use. What about clubs, restaurants, and bars? I see absolutely packed parking lots in those places on Friday nights and Saturdays. Hotels and downtown are very busy; what are the mask situations there? As I understand it, COVID cases of out-of-state visitors are reported back to their home states; do we know if these visitors are contributing to our infection rates?

How soon will our hospitals be overloaded and our health care workers asked to do the impossible because we did not help control our own actions? The national data/statistics of infection rates, hospitalizations, and deaths tell the story coming our way, just as it has in so many areas. Read the information published every day, we are headed the same direction.

We should be long past the politics of this deadly pandemic. Money and business will recover but not all of our sick and none of our deceased neighbors/family members will! Vaccinations are coming but will not be readily available for five to six months; how many have died in the past six months? We can all strictly follow the well-known health safety guidelines but leadership must step up with a coordinated plan before our state/town falls deeper and deeper into this pandemic.

Jim Pumphrey

Garland County

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