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OK, admit it, you have already put up your holiday decorations. For some reason, most people just skip right over decorating for fall. Did anyone ever decorate for fall in the first place? Getting into the holiday spirit as we close out a year like 2020 may prove difficult, especially with the uncertainty surrounding the extra travel done toward the end of the year. However, it is possible to drum up a bit of holiday spirit. It may even remind us just exactly what we are thankful for.

Many of us take the opportunity the cool weather brings about to build up a campfire and relax, but for Hot Springs Firefighter Jaci Bartow, her time spent around a fire is anything but. Bartow is one of two female firefighters with the Hot Springs Fire Department and has done everything from drive engines to fully engulfed fires to get behind the hose and put out the fire. To encourage fire safety, Bartow helped us put together a fire safety quiz for our readers to take online. How well did you do?

We also met up with Arkansas Senior Olympian Maxine Dickerson after she brought home four medals in the 65-69 division of the Oklahoma Senior Games in October. She competes all over the region in field events such as shot put, discus, javelin and hammer throwing, all of which Dickerson attempted. After five years, Dickerson brought home XX medals from XX states. With her mother's philosophy of "keep living and keep moving," guiding her along, there is no end in sight for Dickerson's time at the Arkansas Senior Olympics.

The most recent addition to the magazine is a monthly health feature written by Dr. Jamie Koonce, the founder of Biohacking School and her own website She holds a BA from Hendrix College and both a doctorate and a master's degree from Pacific College of Health Sciences. As an acupuncturist, herbalist, and nutritionist, Dr. Koonce will bring a broader insight into the health and maintenance of the human body. Look for her monthly HER Health feature.

As the months get colder, remember to layer those clothes and get that flu shot! If you find yourself with a little extra quarantine weight and a winter coat that is too small, contact the Eleanor Klugh Jackson House at 501-623-4048. You may remember the executive director Janie Smith on the cover of the June-July issue of HER. As Smith noted then, are always those in need during the winter months, especially. Until next month,

the HER staff

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