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Questions for police

Dear editor:

I am a citizen who believes in my constitutional rights to defend my home and my life should a break-in occur. I do not believe in the "defunding of our police departments." I believe our officers need more funding, not less.

My questions to the Hot Springs Police Department are:

1. "If I catch a burglar on my property, I call you, and before you arrive, I shoot him, not kill the burglar, who is at fault?" Help the citizens of Hot Springs understand the law.

2. "How are the law-abiding citizens supposed to know the intent of a burglar?"

3. "If I have the person on my home camera, there is a warrant already out for this person, but you are not allowed to go and knock on his door and arrest him. Please explain this to the neighbors."

I like my neighborhood and I am retired, but why should my neighbors and I feel unsafe with a criminal living in our vicinity? The person rents a home here, and I am not at liberty to have them arrested for break-ins to my vehicles or buildings and hopefully they don't come into my home when I am asleep. I don't want to be a news story on the front page of the paper or lose a family member or my possessions to a criminal. With the holidays upon us and packages coming by mail, how are residents to protect their belongings?

Awaiting answers,

L.J. Gibson

Hot Springs

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