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Coyote problem

Dear editor:

The county has a problem, a coyote problem. Since the new extension to the bypass is being built, a large group of these pests has been displaced and is now running wild in the streets, literally, on 70 East.

Of course, you think, "Hey, I'll let our government officials know." But like COVID, it's not their problem. Garland County passed the buck to the Arkansas Department of Transportation. Tony, the head of the project -- no last name; I guess you don't need one when you have the name Tony -- said, "Don't care." Exact quote.

Game and Fish said I can get a permit to shoot them at night. How is this my problem to solve again? And why should I pay for a permit? Which they said to call the sheriff. I didn't even bother with that, because even crime isn't their problem.

The problem with these coyotes, you may wonder? They are eating pets, stray animals, rabbits, squirrels, deer ... oh my! Plus, they are well-known to carry diseases, dangerous to humans and animals. Isn't one outbreak enough in 2020?

My main concern? What happens when they run out of Fluffy, and Mittens, to eat? What if they decide to attack a child? Do Tony, and the other government officials, care then? I mean, the main thing the woman at Game and Fish was concerned with is I ruined her good day ... they are just sitting in people's yards at night and people afraid to go outside ... and no one wants to do anything.

So what do I pay taxes for again? Because I know if I shoot one of these pests at night I'm going to get a huge fine. So who in government is going to step up and clean up yet another mess you made with lack of planning?

Ron Swanson

Hot Springs

Focus on the future

Dear editor:

Thank you for the recent article on absentee ballots in the S-R. The information was very helpful.

I believe most people are interested in the truth about the "political drama and chatter" we have witnessed in this country the past four years.

We look to the past, to not repeat our mistakes, as we focus on now and the future. I hope we see the depth of interest and concern for what has been going on since 2016, by the voting count and results in the November election.

Yolonda Bowman

Hot Springs

Re: 'Let's be clear'

Dear editor:

Rebuttal to Sept. 21, C.G. Smith, "Let's be clear." Yes, let's.

Just because you are a liberal doesn't mean that your own our local paper.

Dems don't want anyone to tell them what to do. (As in impeachment proceedings, and what to write or not write.)

Dems want to tell everyone else what to do. (As in impeachment proceedings, and what to write or not write.)

The S.R. has been rebuked for printing my letters. Paragraph five of Mr. Smith's letter today is asking the editor to accommodate his request for space. My gut tells me that letters will be coming. My suspicious instinct tells me that Mr. Smith already has his letter to denial, denial, denial written.

God Bless America.

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Letter on target

Dear editor:

RE: Letter of Sgt. Collins, published Sept. 4.

We wholeheartedly agree with the thoughts outlined by Gunny Collins concerning the Majestic Park baseball fields!

Imagine! $2,000,000 for "site-preparation" to make a current baseball field into a baseball field?

Keep in mind, we're not talking some kind of immense structure requiring tones of steel, concrete, brickwork, carpentry, electrical, etc. This is basically dirt!

And, really folks, how many kids in Hot Springs play baseball anymore? The majority are all into their electronics and thumb-exercising. They don't go out to really "play" anymore.

So, keep these things in mind the next opportunity you have to bow down to Arrison and the moneyed few. Just say no!

James and Cynthia Andrews

Hot Springs

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