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More water issues

Dear editor:

I agree with Mr. Pumphrey's letter in Sunday's (Oct. 4) The Sentinel-Record: "Still big water issues." The county residents who receive city water are being treated unfairly.

I live just a few yards over the city line into Garland County and receive city water. I am paying 52% more for water/sewer service than my city neighbors. This is totally unfair. I have a second meter installed for lawn service only (no waste service needed).

This year the city of Hot Springs decided to charge me $25 per month just to have use of this meter (up from $11 a month last year). This charge applies even if I never use a drop of water! That was on the top of the 52% overcharge for my regular household meter. Needless to say, I've let this meter be turned off.

The city would love to annex my neighborhood for extra taxes they could collect, etc. Why? They are already scamming us out of plenty!

Eloise Wiegand

Hot Springs

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