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I almost had a head-on collision Tuesday, on my way home. I crested a small hill and a young man was driving from the opposite direction in the center of the road. I swerved to avoid him at the last second and my car skidded to a stop well off the right-hand side of the road. Thankfully, he nor I was hurt. However, I did lay on my horn and shout one continuous curse word in unison with the car horn. The young man had not swerved off the road and had continued driving at a high rate of speed so I am sure he did not hear my explicit language but he certainly heard my horn.

This started me thinking about the possibility of car horns being able to do more than toot. What if a car's horn could actually be used to communicate with other drivers and pedestrians? I am sure with today's technological advancements our vehicles could certainly put a microphone into the steering wheel and when we depress the horn, it actually turns into a loudspeaker that we could use to talk to folks.

Imagine if you are behind a car at a red light and the light turns green but the person in front does not move. Instead of the sharp noise of the car horn you could simply depress the horn and say "Excuse me, the light is green could you please pull forward." It would not startle the driver in front and would communicate our needs much better.

With all the pedestrian traffic we have in Hot Springs, wouldn't it come in handy? Picture a group of out of town tourists looking confused while standing on the curb. They are not sure if they can cross the road or not. You depress your outdoor car speaker and address the pedestrians. "Please cross and welcome to the Spa City!"

That would be great for tourism and really help keep pedestrians safer. It seems much friendlier than the honk and the wave we have to do now. It is certainly more helpful than the blank stares both parties give each other sometimes. The stares result in everyone being tied up while waiting for someone to move first.

Finally, it would be fantastic in situations like mine. I wanted that kid to hear me and realize he scared the living daylights out of me and I was very angry about it. It could have been a learning experience for him and quite possibly improved his driving making the roads safer.

How great would it be for everyone to be able to tell the other drivers on the road how they feel? All of us expressing our thoughts and feelings. Really, hearing how each other feels about any and every subject imaginable. Even if we do not care about those subjects. People would be able to express their true passions and emotions. We would not have to hold anything in. Everyone on the roadways could live their "own truth" and demonstrate their "true passions." We would all be able to hear about our fellow man's hopes, dreams, fears and desires.

It would be like the internet but on the roadways.

Oh, wait. Never mind. Horrible idea. I will keep my bleeping mouth shut.

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