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Lessons learned

Dear editor:

In a previous letter to the editor, I thought I had some pretty compelling data. I thought that by showing America's having more total cases of COVID-19 than 44 other countries totals combined, and more total deaths than 55 other countries totals combined, might convince Mr. Edds that we could learn something studying how some countries had successfully handled the virus. But alas, I was mistaken. Though the data was truthful, I'm convinced, there is nothing that will change Mr. Edds mind.

But what a week we have just been through, huh? ... the debates, the fires, the hurricanes and the virus going into the White House?

It is in all seriousness, that I, as I think everyone in the country wants to wish the president and his wife a quick and total recovery from COVID-19. As so, we also pray for all throughout our country and around the world.

But the fact that the virus was able to get into the White House should give us pause. It, in itself, may be a sign of poor leadership. For if our leaders can't take the proper precautions to protect the president and his surroundings, how good a job are they doing? Could they not have avoided this viral invasion by simply following the rules they agreed people should follow, i.e., wear a mask, social distance, avoid indoor crowds?

In November, the voters will tell us their choice for the future. And we should all agree to stand by the tallied election results. But Donald says he will not agree unless he wins. He says he can only lose if there is fraud. He keeps saying that the mail-in votes cannot be trusted ... repeating and repeating this mantra ad nauseam. But continual repetition of a falsehood does not make it so. He tried this tactic after he lost the popular vote to Hillary in 2016. Remember his attempt to prove the voter fraud back then? It failed, lesson learned.

And now we see the White House turned into a super spreader zone. But wait. Flash! Epiphany! Donald now exclaims that his getting the virus may be a disguised blessing from God. Is God really using Donald to give witness to the miracle drug Regeneron? Donald thinks so. He says he is cured and hasn't felt this good in 20 years. Line up.

It has been a bad week for Donald -- sick, behind in the polls, time running out. How is he now going to win the votes he needs? Political strategist David Plouffe wonders if Trump's latest attempts can really do it "with videos on the south lawn as a spray-tanned, drugged up, pitchman for Regeneron." What say you?

Bill Wiedmann

Hot Springs

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