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Saturday's Letter to the editor

OPINION October 17, 2020 at 4:00 a.m.

Trump's health care plan

Dear editor:

The Democrats, led by Joe Biden, keep saying that the president has no health care plan ( Perhaps they missed his Sept. 24 announcement of a comprehensive health care plan that will benefit all Americans.

Perhaps they missed the work the Trump Administration has done already to lower the cost of health care, starting with his repeal of Obamacare's individual mandate (, or the president's expansion ( of health care coverage options. They probably also missed the administration's work to expand health savings accounts ( that allow Americans the opportunity to save more of their own money, tax-free, to spend on their care. The president's expansion of telehealth (, which cost-effectively increases access to health care, must have gotten by the Democrats, too.

As a retiree living on a fixed income, I was struck by President Trump's actions to lower the cost of prescription drugs ( by fixing the out-of-pocket costs of insulin (, which is life-saving for many seniors and Americans of all ages, and by going after these invisible "middlemen" ( as he called them, who drive up the costs of prescription drugs by rebates, which sound more like kickbacks.

Surely the Democrats must be aware that President Trump has directed the largest decrease in prescription drug prices in nearly 50 years driven in part by the record number of generic ( drug approvals over the past three years. They must also be aware of how these important reforms will have a huge impact on the lives of retirees (, right?

Now with his health care plan (, the president wants to build on this momentum by ensuring people with preexisting conditions can buy the coverage they need at affordable rates. He also wants to rid the health care system of the scourge known as surprise medical billing, where unsuspecting patients receive an exorbitant bill for services they had no choice in receiving. His plan also promotes price transparency which will result in lower costs and increased choice and competition. Yet, Joe Biden and the Democrats say the president has no health care plan. Hardly!

Terry Thompson

AMAC Action delegate

Hot Springs


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